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You can contact the team in a number of ways; to speak with someone you can call 07 5551 4050 during office hours (Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm – QLD Time). For email enquiries you can contact us via and we will address your queries as soon as possible.

You can also live chat with us on this website or via our Facebook page during office hours. We do reply to all live chats that are initiated outside of those hours also.

IDTA is one of the only educators in South East Asia that specialises in teaching Futures Trading. Futures trading does not involve the use of an OTC (Over The Counter) Broker like many other forms of trading such as FOREX and CFDs. Broker free trading with Futures allows our traders to trade directly to and from the Stock Exchange, hence the information they see on their screens cannot be manipulated by anyone. This lack of market manipulation gives our traders a significant advantage over almost every other form of trading available globally.

The second IDTA point of difference is we actually care for the success of our clients. We have members join us who have already completed trading courses and have not been as profitable as they would like to have been. Learning how to trade is certainly something that you can do yourself, however what we find is that most educators don’t provide enough support. We focus very heavily on supporting our members on their journey to become successful traders.
It is important to us that we help create competent traders and we know that this requires guidance and nurturing rather than teaching an online course and leaving you to fend for yourself.

How we help:


We provide weekly coaching to all of our members when they start out and provide the option to extend that coaching should a member feel they need more coaching. We have small group coaching sessions as well as private coaching. You can read more about our coaching here.

Live Trading Room

We have several sessions of the Live Trading Room each trading day covering a handful of sessions. In the trading room we help you by identifying high-probability trades in real time. This will help you recognise and identify trades as you practice your trading and become more competent in your trading. Brand new traders can practice following the trades using a simulation account until they can prove themselves to be consistent.

Support webinars

We hold regular support webinars on trading and on goal setting. Our support webinars offer additional content to help you improve your trading and provide tips and tricks for trading. Our goal setting webinars are conducted as a series throughout the year and are designed to help you set your trading goals, measure them, and work toward meeting them.

Trading hubs and community
We pride ourselves on our community and truly believe the we ‘trade better together’. We created our trading hubs because of this. Our trading hubs meet once a month to learn from each other and socialise with like minded people. We currently have hubs in most major cities in Australia as well as in New Zealand and Kuala Lumpur. We also run a Global Hub, online every month, for any member globally that cannot get to a physical hub location. You can read more about our Trading Hubs including the current locations here.

Absolutely! Our Essentials course is 100% online and any other live programs that we offer can be accessed via live stream (excluding retreat programs). We currently have members all across the world, from Australia and New Zealand, to Asia, Europe, and America.

Absolutely, we have members that trade outside of their full time job as well as those who trade full time. The nature of the Futures markets being global means that there are many sessions to choose from, most of which are outside of 9am-5pm. Regardless of when you work there is likely a session that fits your normal schedule. This is a unique opportunity to learn a new skill with the potential to seek secondary income with flexibility regarding when and where you trade.

We also have members who are trading for a living having moved on from a full time position

This one is up to you to a certain degree.

We of course recommend that you complete our self-paced online course before you start trading.

We also recommend to all of our members that they trade on a simulated account before they start trading real money.

When you start trading you are likely going to make more rookie errors. It is best that you make these errors and learn from them in simulation mode, rather than doing this when you are not ready to trade real money.

It is far wiser to take your time and not skip past this vital learning phase.

Trading looks easy and many novices rush through their testing phase.

You have a better chance of being profitable by following a steady learning process.

Practice is extremely important which is why we offer the Live Trading Room to help you practice your trading on a simulated account without the risk of losing real money.

Our weekly intensives coaching is designed to build on the Essentials Trading Course to ensure you have a solid foundation to implement the IDTA Trading Strategies and become comfortable with the Trading Platform.

It is important to note that profitability is not guaranteed. However, if you follow a proven strategy and apply proven risk management techniques and follow the rules you have set for yourself, you are setting yourself up with a higher chance of success.

We recommend that you trade between 60 to 120 minutes per weekday. This amounts to a 10 hour working week maximum. All of our members and traders have trading goals set, if that goal is reached, regardless of how much time that takes in the day’s session, it is time to stop trading for the day. The amount of time needed to trade vs working a full time job is one of the potential benefits of trading, and one that we really love, being a lifestyle trader can create greater balance in life.

It depends on multiple factors. The market you trade, the amount of risk you take per trade and the margin requirements set by the broker you opt to use. For example; some traders start with $400 USD to trade the smallest lot size on Micro Markets.

The funds that you intend to trade should be a reasonable match to the goals and risk profile that you have set yourself.

Check this page out for more information:

How much money do you need to day trade

That question is for you to decide, and you should seek advice from an accredited professional if you see fit. Trading is not for everyone, however it is something that is achievable for most able minded adults. Our friendly team will outline for you what is involved in learning how to trade and in trading itself in order to help you make your own informed decision.

Not as such, however some personality traits may need to be worked on. For example if you are a risk taker by nature you will need to make sure that you always control your risk appropriately. You would do that with risk management in intraday trading. If you are someone who has an addictive personality you may need to work on controlling that part of your personality. Trading is 80% mindset so it is important that you learn to have a traders mindset and follow a plan, no matter what.

No, not at all. We have members from all walks of life and all levels of intelligence.

Learning to trade is not that difficult for the majority of people. The steepest learning curve is the psychology and human behaviour (bad habits) that need to be overcome in order to be successful.

We cover this in our courses and focus on how to be a better money manager, ignoring fear, greed, etc.

Most of the “math” involved in reading the markets is handled by our day trading indicators which we have custom built for our style of trading.

No, not really. You should be fluent enough in English/reading and writing to follow along but there are no formal requirements. Our Futures Essentials course takes you from a complete beginner and walks you through how to trade Futures, you don’t need any prior experience.

Trading is gambling, right? No, not at all, while trading involves risk, a trader has the ability to claim the ‘edge’ whereas gambling always gives the edge to the house.

Because the markets behave a certain way and perform certain trading chart patterns we are able to make statistical predictions that are in our favour.

Of course not a single trader is right 100% of the time, however if we balance our risk to reward correctly we only need to be right a little more often than not.

About International Day Trading Academy

The International Day Trading Academy was founded in 2013 by Cameron Buchanan.

There are 2 main reasons why the International Day Trading Academy was founded.

1. We wanted to educate traders about the power of OTC Broker free trading.
There are significant advantages in trading Futures that we believe people should have the opportunity to take advantage of. The more well known markets such as the stock markets (Futures vs Stocks), options market (Futures vs Options), and forex markets (Futures vs Forex) each require an OTC Broker which sets the price of all assets that are traded. The Futures markets provide the ability to connect directly to the exchange to receive data and price. This means that Futures traders have access to the “true price” rather than the price that a broker gives them.

2. We noticed there were many trading educators across South East Asia who were more focused on selling programs than actually supporting their clients toward success. Learning to trade is a journey that most people aren’t necessarily able to take alone, mentoring and help along the way is so important. So the International Day Trading Academy was formed with a focus on helping each of its members not only understand the content, but to get them actively trading the markets with confidence.

Yes, we are. We are a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR number 001250922) of Beyond Capital Asset Management who are an Australian Financial License holder (AFSL number 484045). This means that we must conduct our business under the guidance of the governmental department ASIC. This means that we are bound to provide only the information that we are licensed to provide and that we follow strict guidelines put in place to protect the consumer. You should only ever learn to trade with a company that works under the jurisdiction of an AFSL.

We have over 1600 members and receive a lot of referral business from those who love learning and trading with us. You can check out some testimonials on our testimonials page.

Yes, our educators are able to work a full time working week and trade outside of business hours. Our educators are currently actively trading either cash or SMSF accounts, or both. It’s important to learn from people who are able to both teach and trade a successful trading strategy.

Our trading courses

The Futures Essentials course is a lifetime access online video library that consists of over 100 hours of video and quizzes to test your knowledge as you progress. The course includes coaching sessions along with 3 months free Live Trading Room access and 3 months free Trading Indicators.

The Essentials course also includes the 2 day “Accelerator Program” which is held 6 times per year and is a hands on program to ensure that you have a trading platform set up and you know how to execute trades per your trading plan.

No, it’s not a requirement. Our advanced day trading courses provide knowledge and skills that are designed to take your trading to the next level but are not required in order to be able to trade. The Essentials course provides all of the knowledge required in order to identify and place high-probability trades.

We do! We offer our advanced trading course live online 3 times per year. We also offer the advanced course once per year as a 7 day Traders Retreat. The advanced courses are designed to take the foundations you have learnt in the Essentials course and add significant strategy, trading setups, and skills in order to take your trading to another level.

For those who want to trade as their full time job we offer our annual Trading Business School program. The goal of this program is to create confident traders that have the skills to treat their trading like a business. For anyone considering day trading for a living, or a job that takes up fewer hours in your day, Trading Business School could help you achieve this.

We certainly offer a program that we don’t believe any other trading educator provides. Our Trader’s Retreat is our advanced trading course held in a paradise setting. The retreat is designed to be part intensive trading program, part holiday adventure. The idea of the program is to give you an idea of the ‘trader’s lifestyle’ which offers flexibility that other jobs don’t.

We don’t offer any accredited certificates or diplomas that have been recommended by the Australian government. This is partly because they are not a necessity for full time day trading. Our goal is not to create funds managers but to help people become full time traders that are competent enough to be profitable.

Getting started trading

We cannot by law open a trading account for you, however we offer plenty of support to provide general assistance in opening a trading account. We have dedicated support staff that provide the support needed.

We also have an extensive library dedicated to the steps involved in opening an account. If you’re concerned about how to start day trading, we’re dedicated to helping you with everything you need.

We do not use a traditional OTC broker, we use clearing houses for our trading accounts. From there we can directly access the market via a trading platform which which receives data directly from a market’s exchange rather than set by a broker. This gives us transparent “regulated trading data”.

Our most commonly used trading platform is NinjaTrader which allows us to receive real time data directly from the exchange. NinjaTrader allows all traders globally to enter and exit the markets using Clearing Houses, deriving a manipulation free trading environment in the process.

NinjaTrader also provides simulation trading which is important for practicing your trading before you begin trading with real money.

Read this article if you want to know what percentage of day traders make money.

We don’t have our own trading platform, we use a third party platform such as NinjaTrader.

Live trading room

No, you will need to take the day trading beginners course in order to sign up for the Live Trading Room. We do this because the Live Trading Room is specifically designed to work off of the strategy that we teach. In order to protect those who may not be able to follow along or those who may make uninformed decisions we choose to set this as a requirement.

We do offer Trading Room Trials in order to see the Live Trading Room in action.

You receive 3 months free access to the Live Trading Room, Indicators, and weekly coaching when you sign up for the Essentials trading course. Once the 3 months have been completed you can choose to subscribe to the Live Trading Room if you want to keep using it.

It’s possible, but we highly recommended that you do not blindly follow. It is very important to understand what you are doing. We are able to give you entry points and targets but you must be able to execute accordingly and manage your risk. If you make a mistake in attempting to follow a moderator and you do not understand risk management, or how to set the correct criteria when executing your trade then you may find yourself making heavy losses.

We have our own indicators that have been built inhouse and match the strategy that we teach. The indicators we use help you visualise the trade setups we teach. You can read more about our custom day trading indicators here.

Yes, we do. We share the trading platform along with the charts for the markets being watched. We will call live trades and use the charts along with drawing tools in order to explain the potential trade setups.

Accounting and subscriptions

Our services are month to month and there are no obligations to continue any given service. Exceptions may include any bundled or pre-paid service that stipulates this clause.

If you wish to cancel a subscription you will need to email the team via

About Futures

The Futures markets are where traders can buy and sell Futures contracts. There are many different assets that can be traded on the Futures markets. A Futures contract is a derivative which means that it derives its value from an underlying asset. A contract has a start and end date but can be exited at any time. For example a contract could be bought on the current price of gold, then sold at a future price.

For more in depth information about Futures you can check out the guide ‘How To Trade Futures

The Futures markets are possibly the most diverse when it comes to asset classes. This means that there are many different markets that can be traded.

Some of these include:

Stock Indices such as, NASDAQ, S&P500, FDAX
Commodities such as, Oil, Gold, Wheat, Gas, many more
Currency Pairs

Most of our traders are day trading indices. Our most popularly traded markets are NASDAQ, FDAX, S&P500, and also 6E (Euro/US Currency Cross Pair).

We also have some traders trading other assets such as Gold and Oil. What we teach can be applied across most Futures markets.

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