Meet Cameron Buchanan

Co-founder and Director of the International Day Trading Academy, Trader, Trading Educator and Trading coach.

Cameron is the founder and director of International Day Trading Academy. Cameron is a businessman, an investor, a trader, a passionate surfer and amateur competitive golfer as well as a qualified school teacher. He is a well-recognized and highly respected in the IDTA trading world as an expert in the economic cycles of Trading and Investment. Cam was the mastermind behind the very first Byron Bay Surf School which grew organically into an empire and became one of the largest Surf School Businesses in Australia.

Cameron is a skilled market forecaster and teacher of trading psychology. Cameron is a consistent contributor to Australia’s largest trading magazine, YTE Magazine.

In the last decade Cam has spent a considerable amount of time in the property development industry, expanding his horizons internationally, developing, cultivating and building relationships in China, India and Indonesia, with a direct intention of boosting the Australian property market by negotiating interest and acquisitions within the Australia property development and investments industry.

Cam is now a passionate Day Trader and committed Educator, with an extensive history in Share Trading, Real Estate, Property Development, Sales, Structuring and Marketing. After taking Australia by storm, IDTA has a natural evolution to grow into global markets. “There’s plenty of world out there for all of us. People all over the world are demanding more options to up-skill, build supplementary incomes, work from home making more money in less time, and I saw trading as the perfect option”.

Cameron Buchanan
Cameron BuchananFounder & General Manager

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