What Makes Us Different ?

The goal of our trading strategies is to give traders a significant advantage in the markets. Our strategies, education and Live Trading Rooms stand us at the forefront of trading excellence.

IDTA are one of the fastest growing innovative trading academies in Australia, who teach you how to work with 1 highly effective strategy trading into 70 different markets. IDTA offers you an excellent foundation of information to start building your trading business. We have a range of mentors to choose from who teach superior education.

IDTA has implemented strategies that allow for OTC Broker Free Trading. This means that our clients trade every day without the threat of Broker Initiated market manipulation.

IDTA has developed trading education using real time coaching and live market commentary via the Live Trading Rooms. IDTA has responded to the call for ethical, fair and effective Financial Market Education. We have set the benchmark in the industry for this education.

IDTA have live and online programs to help you learn to trade and put into practice in the markets.

IDTA offer online support, webinars, chat room where traders can interact and help each other. This is all at an affordable start up cost, so we can get you’re trading started immediately.

IDTA have strategies designed to work in the Day Trading industry using Futures contracts. We teach you to trade these contracts as a Day Trader would, entering and exiting traded within a quick time frame (approx 10mins).

The Establishment of IDTA

IDTA started in garage of Cameron and Kelly’s house in 2013, before expanding into their Burleigh Heads training centre in 2016. Here we conducted our live trading rooms and delivered some of our education programs, before the COVID 19 disruption. As we had already established a lot of our programs online, we then decided to close down the training centre in 2020, and operate the business 100% online. This transition has worked extremely well. We now stream our education programs and workshops from our professional studio, providing high quality of education delivery for our members.

Services We Provide

Our Vision

Inspiring People around the World to Become Financially Liberated Through Trading the Global Financial Markets.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver trading education tools and systems to a world-wide community of people, empowering them with the knowledge to attain financial independence enabling them to live life on their own terms.

We strive to provide our clients and members the opportunity to become competent and confident to take advantage of any financial market they choose, each and every single trading day.

Whether our members are new to trading or experienced and ready to take their trading to a higher level, IDTA is here to empower our members with the skills, knowledge, discipline and patience required to day trade.

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Our Dedication To Client Success Is What Makes Us Different From Other Day Trading Educators!

Cameron Buchanan
Cameron BuchananCo-Founder and Director
Co-Founder and Director of the International Day Trading Academy, Cam is a businessman, investor, trader, a passionate surfer as well as a qualified school teacher.
Kelly Lowry
Kelly LowryGeneral Manager
General Manager of the International Day Trading Academy, Kelly is a Business, Property, and Mindset Strategist, as well as a Social and Responsible Entrepreneur.
Dani McLeod
Dani McLeodTrading Educator
Dani is a presenter and head trading coach for IDTA, she also moderates Live Trading Room sessions. Dani is especially skilled in trading mindset and provides valuable coaching in this area.


Ingela Traynor
Ingela TraynorTrading Educator
Presentor and trading coach, Ingela has been taught by IDTA and now helps others achieve better trading results trhough coaching and the live trading room.
John Freeman
John FreemanTrading Educator
John has been trading Futures for over 10 years with experience in several markets, and trading sessions. John has an analytical mind that serves well in technical analysis.


We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

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