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Learn a Battle-Tested Strategy For Trading The Markets in Under 60 Mins Per Day

Overworked? Overstressed? Aging Body? Forever Time Poor?
Learn How Trading Could Help You Balance Your Lifestyle.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn:

  • How Professional Traders Find Good Trades
  • How To Read The Markets
  • A Market That Has Unique Advantages Over Others

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Dear Friend & Aspiring Trader,

Cam Buchanan here, International Day Trading Academy’s Founder and Managing Director.

Do you see others making a profit from trading and just can’t figure out how they do it?

Maybe you’ve tried it out yourself but you want a better result…

You may have even followed some “gurus” or investment services offering up the next hot stocks that will “go to the moon 🚀”, or “home run” investments.

Thing is, you need to have a game plan and a method.

To be blunt, you need to know what you’re doing.

As recently as 2020/21 we’ve had an amazing bull run…

The markets all seemed like they’d keep going higher and higher.

It’s been easy for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to provide advice based on their buy-only strategy.

But it’s over now…

Let me guess, now that things are taking a little more skill…

You have no idea what the hell to do.

Sound about right?

Don’t feel down about it, there are many people in the same boat.

Everyone wants to tell you where you should put your money, but you need to rely on data, probability, and money management, not opinion…

Now you’re looking for a way to make money from the market.

The markets aren’t always providing much opportunity.

In fact…

There are times where the markets get absolutely smashed!

Take Bitcoin for example.

The below chart shows Bitcoin in late 2022 when it was hit HARD

Look how far price dropped from its all-time high…

bitcoin price drop 2022

People lost the shirts off their back…

During this period stock portfolios shrank.

Super funds weren’t performing.

What do you do when this happens!

I’m about to let you in on a style of trading that you might have never heard of…

Something that is completely recession-proof

Matter of fact, I’m going to provide some FREE training on just how I go about trading the markets.

Learn a Battle-Tested Strategy For Trading The Markets in Under 60 Mins Per Day

Register now for the Free online web class.

Learn how professional traders get their trading edge.

how to trade well 1
Attendees receive our FREE 60 Page eBook “How to Day Trade (Really Well)”
What’s Inside:
  • What causes a trader to fail (and what to avoid)

  • How to apply effective risk management

  • Understanding candlesticks and trading patterns

  • Trading trends and reversals

Here’s Just a Mere Fraction of What You’ll Discover in This Free Online Web Class

Profit Potential in All Types of Markets

The markets don’t need to be in a state of growth in order to find great trading opportunities. In fact, there are theoretically just as many opportunities in a falling market as there is in a booming one

How Professional Traders Identify Good Trades

The markets are what I like to call "calculated randomness". The markets move based on the actions of hundreds of thousands of traders. What pro traders can do is predict the most likely of random events.

Stop Chasing Trades & Let Them Come to You

A classic mistake that plagues stock traders in particular is chasing that "hot new stock". This usually ends in disaster... Timing is everything in trading. We' ll show you how we trade just one market that offers a bounty of opportunities.

#1 Thing You Must do to Avoid Losing Thousands

A large percentage of traders fail in their first 12 months. Millions upon millions are lost to the markets by new traders who make this 1 mistake. We'll tell you what that mistake is, and how you can look to remove it from your trading.

Who Can Benefit From Trading The Markets?
  • Overworked 9 to 5ers: Imagine a job, or online business that can be achieved in 60 minutes per day (or fewer!)

  • Aging Bodies: Your back… your knees… we weren’t built to do heavy work forever. What’s the exit strategy when you can’t go on?

  • Time Poor Mums: Unsung heroes of the family. You spend so much time looking after the family you lack quality time to spend with them

  • Seeking Career Change: Looking for something new, straight up hate your job…? Trading could be a promising career where you’re the boss

  • Seeking Secondary: It’s hard to find a secondary source of income that you can actually fit into your daily lifestyle, could trading do that?

  • Investors: When the markets are in a downtrend, it’s hard to find growth in your investments. Learn to ride the trend, both directions.

  • Seeking a Business Opportunity: A business opportunity that costs less to set up, and less to run than a traditional business.
Even More Reasons to Learn How to
Take Advantage of the Markets

A Genuine Investment Opportunity

An investment where you control all the decisions


Create More Free Time For Yourself

A potential income stream that takes around 10 hours a week


Opportunity For a Secondary Income

A potential source of income that can be done on the side

mobile business opportunity

A Mobile Business With No Staff or Inventory

All you need is a computer, trading platform, and internet

free time

Create More Family and Friends Time

Free up your time to do the things you’d rather be doing

day trading as a less physical way of working

Find a Less Physical Way of Working

A way of working that you can do comfortably sitting down

smart money

Lower Start-up Costs Than Small Business

Very limited hardware, software, other start-up costs

flexible lifestyle through trading

Flexible Working Hours to Match Your Lifestyle

Find a market session that fits around your current lifestyle

Learn a Battle-Tested Strategy For Trading The Markets in Under 60 Mins Per Day

Register now for the Free online web class.

Learn how professional traders get their trading edge.

Reviews Like These are Why we Exist

Hear from just a few of our members that we have taught, and guided on their journey of becoming a part-time or full-time day trader.

reviews for international day trading academy

Everybody’s trading journey is different, the testimonials above may not necessarily be indicative of the average member.

😍 What our Members say

Vince R (NSW) – Nov 2023

Mark D (QLD) – Nov 2023

Mitch D (VIC) – Nov 2023

“After previous experience with other companies, and being a member of IDTA since its beginning we have found that IDTA is the real deal providing you with education, support and so much more. We have found the LTR very helpful for education whilst providing the trading opportunities.”

Fred N
WA, 2021

“After 2-3 years of trying various trading courses and communities, I have found the one with Trading teachers who practice what they preach and genuinely want you to succeed.”

Dion W
NZ, 2021

“I seldom give a testimonial, but IDTA is a rare gem. I love the supportive community and coaches. Trading can be lonely, but need not be with IDTA. There is always someone who is willing to help.”

Stephanie L
Malaysia, 2021

“The most comprehensive course which is totally focused on the growth of the participant with exceptional support.”

John H
QLD, 2021

“I said it and I will say it again Knowing you is a great gain, I am lucky to be with you guys and with whole IDTA academy”

Ahmed A
NSW, 2021

“I have attended many trading courses, and I find IDTA gives me the best solution to provide me with an alternative income!”

Azura A
Malaysia, 2021

Still Got Questions?

Unfortunately, the IDTA’s Free Day Trading Course doesn’t provide any certification or credentials upon completion. However, you will gain extensive, valuable knowledge, and insights on trading. Beginners can use this knowledge to launch their trading journey, if you’re an advanced trader you can enhance your existing trading skills and strategies.


The Free Trading Course covers various topics such as technical analysis, market trends, charting techniques, risk management, and trading psychology, among others. In the class you will be taken live into the markets to learn from real life examples of how to find good trades.


While you won’t receive a certificate, the knowledge you gain from the Free Trading Course is invaluable, and can help you kickstart your journey to becoming a confident and successful trader.

Not at all! There are no prerequisites or requirements to enrol in IDTA’s Free Stock Trading Courses. The class is open to anyone who is interested in learning about trading, regardless of their experience level. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, you can always benefit from this session.


The only thing you need to do is to sign up for the free trading course on the page above, and you’ll gain access to a live training session full of professional trading techniques. The class is designed to be accessible and easy to understand, even for those who have absolutely no prior knowledge of trading.

IDTA’s free stock trading courses stand out from other free online trading courses and resources because it offers high-quality educational content without any cost.


You will be shown some of our own professional trading strategies. This is a strategy that we not only teach, but that our pro traders use themselves, live in the markets. You’ll learn how we go about finding high-probability trading opportunities, and manage our risk when trading.


Not only will you receive live online training, all attendees of the free stock trading class will receive a free 60-page eBook. This book will expand even further on what you will learn in the class. With all of these resources, you will have a very solid head-start on your trading journey.


Our Free day Trading Course is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn trading online free and improve their skills.

In this Free Day Trading Course you will learn the following:


How to find Profit Potential in bull and bear markets

You’ll learn how you can not only find high-probability trades and seek profit when the markets rise but also do so when they fall.

This essentially creates a recession-proof business/investment.


How to use trading charts like a professional in order to find good trades.

All professional traders use some form of the same set of techniques to find high-probability trades in the markets.

You’ll see some of the real strategy that our pro traders use to take advantage of the markets.


You’ll learn how to time trades and allow them to come to you.

You will learn how to enter trades at the most optimal time and not chase trades when it’s already too late.


#1 Thing You Must do to Avoid Losing Thousands

A large percentage of traders fail in their first 12 months. Millions upon millions are lost to the markets by new traders who make this 1 mistake. We’ll tell you what that mistake is, and how you can look to remove it from your trading.

For all of those who attend you will of course receive 60 minutes of free training on how to trade.

To build even further on what you’ll learn, all Attendees of the free trading class also get a free 60 page eBook: How to Day Trade (Really Well)

We will also offer you a free 30-minute obligation-free strategy session to help you identify your goals and understand what is needed to achieve those goals.

Yes! Our Free Stock Trading Class is suitable for beginners with no trading experience. We assume that many of the attendees in the free online trading courses are complete beginners and deliver the class appropriately. The IDTA’s Free Stock Trading Class is an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to learn about trading and develop their skills, regardless of your experience level.


You will also receive a free 60-page day trading book that will begin with the absolute basics and build to more intermediate subjects. What you will learn through this class and through the book can be directly applied to your own trading. We suggest trading a simulated account with no real money at risk while you practise.

Nope! You don’t need to have any specific software or tools to participate in the Free Stock Trading courses with IDTA. The course is available online, and you can access the course using any device with an internet connection.


While you can attend the live class using your phone, we suggest that in order to get the most out of the experience that you attend via your computer. This is because we will be going into live charts which are best viewed on larger screens.

Whatever you like! You can choose to take what you have learned in the free day trading course and practise yourself. You might choose to take up further education through other educators or sources. You may find what we do something of interest and seek further learning through IDTA.


In the free share trading course, you will be offered a free 30-minute strategy call. This is designed to help us understand your trading goals. Together we will look at what is required to achieve these goals, and provide you with an understanding of what your path forward might look like.


It’s important to note that this is not a sales pitch in disguise. These sessions are intended to help you get started in the right way, if you decide that trading might be right for you. This is something that other educators neglect, and we believe is important for your decision making.


You will also receive a free 60-page day trading eBook that will help you take what you learn in the free trading course and build even further so that you have a solid foundation for your journey moving forward.

We offer free online trading courses because we believe that understanding the fundamentals of trading should come at a cost (other than your time spent learning).


Day Trading is something that IDTA are extremely passionate about, and something that we want to introduce you to. No matter where you end up on your trading journey we want you to be introduced to a truly exciting way of trading.


We believe that this is truly one of the best free trading courses available anywhere online. We also find that those who take our free share trading course are so impressed that they register for our more in-depth day trading course, become IDTA members, and take up trading mentoring.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Cam Buchanan


Well done for reaching this far.

I don’t know what more I can give at this point…

All I’ll say is, this is high value training that won’t cost you a cent.

There’s no “catch” to this.

I want to introduce you to something that has transformed my life.

I just know you’ll take something valuable from this class.

Register now, and I’ll see you in there.

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Learn a Battle-Tested Strategy For Trading The Markets in Under 60 Mins Per Day

Register now for the Free online web class.

Learn how professional traders get their trading edge.

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