IDTA’s Custom Day Trading Indicators:
Optimise your Day Trading Strategy

The International Day Trading Academy offers custom designed trading indicators to enhance our traders ability to use our strategies in the market. Our trading indicators help us to identify patterns in the market and it is these patterns we take advantage of in the markets every day.

Trading Indicators -best indicators for day trading

Benefits of using our trading indicators

  • custom built trading indicators
    Custom built for our exact strategy
    We have designed and coded our trading indicators to match the exact strategy we trade daily.
  • visual trading indicators
    Easy visual representation
    Our trading indicators are visually simplistic and easy to use providing an informed insight into the potential direction of the markets.
  • trading indicators displayed live on chart
    Displayed live on any chart
    Our trading indicators are not time lag indicators like many other indicators available globally. Instead, we use high speed indicators that move dynamically with the market as it moves. This provides our members an effective assistance tool while they are trading.
  • trading indicator alerts
    Audio alerts on potential setups
    Never miss a potential set up. We have coded our critical indicators to provide you with audio alerts when certain conditions are forming in the market.
  • Easy to install trading indicators
    Easily installed on our preferred trading platform
    You can install the exact trading indicators used by our professional trading team on your own PC for 24 hour per day trading. The indicators can also be tailored to your open preferences in terms of colors, screen detail and audio alerts.
  • trading indicators reinforrce your learning
    Reinforce your learning
    Our trading indicators are built specifically for the trading strategy we teach, reinforcing the power of the market patterns we trade. These trading indicators reinforce the foundation of the education we use and reinforce the power of the IDTA Trading Strategies live in the market.

Why we use trading indicators

Trading indicators are a visual prompt of when to trade and when not to trade. Trading indicators assist a trader in analysing a trading chart with the intent of making an informed decision about when a high probability trade may be setting up in the market. It is this high probability trade that our traders are chasing.

Trading indicators allow you to analyse information quickly and easily and help you understand what the market is doing, and more importantly, what direction the market may move in. It is this directional move we seek to take advantage of every day when we trade.

The best indicators for day trading are the ones that best fit your day trading strategy.

We have created a set of custom built day trading indicators that we believe are the best technical indicators for day trading.

Our members get access to a set of tools that allow them to have an edge when it comes to reading the markets.

View this trading indicators list for our most popular trading :

MDI – Market Direction Indicator. This is our custom trend trading indicator used to move with the ebb and flow of the market daily. You may have heard the age old rule of trading: “Trend is your Friend”, and we have developed our own day trading indicator to allow us to follow the trend in the markets with intimate accuracy, every day.

PVI – Predictive Volatility Indicator. The PVI allows us to forecast the short term movement in the markets. This allows for accurate target setting and risk control in the markets we trade.

DELTA – The DELTA Trade is a high volatility indicator that identifies high probability trades in the market each and every trading day. Coupled with the six rules of delta trading, this indicator is one of our most popular day trading indicators globally.

PIVOTS – The IDTA PIVOTS is a custom built PIVOTS indicator that predicts high probability stall and reverse points in the markets. Understanding whenever the markets may stall is fundamental in the process of risk control and in hence a significant advantage to IDTA traders globally.

EFFICIENCY – Our Efficiency trading indicator is designed to detect Buyer and Seller strength in the market and it is very good at doing this. Understanding that there are only two teams in the Futures trading markets, namely Buyers and Sellers, all we seek to do is join the team that is stronger with the intent of getting paid. As such, this indicator is also very popular with the majority of the IDTA global trading community.

You do not need to use day trading indicators in order to read a trading chart, that is for sure. However, the day trading indicators we have designed make reading the trading charts significantly easier for the majority of traders. Reading the market well results in both confidence and competence and provides a platform to take advantage of the market every day. In our opinion, the benefits of using day trading indicators far outweigh the complexities of trying to trade the markets without them.

Our moderators use trading indicators in each session of the Live Trading Room that they moderate with these indicators with the intent of identifying high probability trades for all LTR members to take advantage of.

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