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Day Trading Futures

Learn a skill that provides the opportunity to make money anywhere in the world

Learn to Trade Futures

We offer extensive online education that teaches Day Trading Futures based on our own trading strategies

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Free Day Trading Class

Our day trading academy webinars cost nothing to attend and are full of valuable education

Free Trading Classes

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Live Day Trading Room

Follow along with our Professional Traders as they identify trades live

Live Trading Room

We moderate 4 Live trading room sessions Monday-Friday. An amazing place to practice what you’ve learnt

Cameron Buchanan – Founder of the International Day Trading Academy

Why Trading?

Trading offers the opportunity to leverage your time and money.

  • We trade for around 2 hours a day. This means our work week is 10 hours.

  • Because trading can be done outside of normal business hours, you can trade, and still work a regular job.

  • Full-time traders, or those who do trading as a business enjoy the flexibility of time. There are many session times available to trade.

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Online Education

Entry level day trading academy courses are online and self-paced with access to an extensive library of video and written content.

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Live Courses

We offer several live in-person events (with online attendance available). This allows us to focus on guiding members through their learning.


Trading Retreats

Our advanced live course can be taken in a paradise location. This program is a balance between in-depth education and adventure.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Having a trading coach or mentor when learning helps you stick to your trading plan and not stray from what you’ve learned.

Why Study
With Us?

Our absolute focus is to provide support at every stage of the learning process in order to produce consistent and successful traders.


Access anytime and study at your own pace.


Advanced programs designed to accelerate your trading.


Your mentor on your journey toward becoming a trader.


Watch professional traders, trading realtime in the markets.


Custom built indicators specifically for the strategy we teach.


Our members love the support we provide, just ask.

Your Invitation To The World Of Futures Trading

Learn how to Day Trade the Futures markets

About Us

The International Day Trading Academy is one of the largest day trading educators in Australia.

Our focus is to create consistent traders. We provide a solid trading strategy designed and taught by professional traders. We provide all of the support and trading tools needed in order to be the best trader that you can be.

Why International Day Trading Academy?

  • Training from professional traders with decades of combined experience.

  • A professional trading strategy with a track record.
  • Fully supported along your trading journey.

  • All of the tools to learn, practice, and master trading.
Day Trading Academy Course Graduates

International Day Trading Academy Trading Course Graduates

How To Get Started

Start by learning our professional strategy. Practice until you are consistent, then start trading live.


Hear from people just like you who have learnt to trade with us.

Vince R – NSW Nov 2023

“Everyone is so generous, so willing to help. I really have the feeling they care for me”

Mark D – QLD Nov 2023

“It’s just the support, everyone wants you to succeed”

Mitch D – VIC Nov 2023

“I found myself in a black hole, and I was seeking somebody to help me out”

Learn the Ins and Outs of Trading with IDTA’s Custom Day Trading Courses

Day trading can be a fast-paced, high-profit-margin investment approach and a great way to get into trading the market. Its popularity is clear from the thousands of online traders who trade daily, from markets opening until close, constantly analysing and entering and exiting trades.

At IDTA, we understand it’s overwhelming to get started with day trading, especially if you’re just jumping in with no prior knowledge or training. Everyone has a different experience and learning style, so we’ve developed a variety of trading courses that help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to execute day trades and manage your risk.

Learn day trading from trusted industry experts with years of experience under their belts. They’ve been in the game long enough to fully understand the markets, and they’re constantly staying up-to-date on market trends. Whether you’re a seasoned trader looking to fine-tune your skills or a beginner looking to get a crash course in trading, we have the trading courses you need to set you on the path for success.

Trading Courses Online for All Skill Levels

At our IDTA, we offer trading courses to accommodate traders at all skill levels. Whether you’re new to trading or a seasoned pro, our courses can help you improve your trading strategy by aiming to maximize your profits and limit your losses. At IDTA we also offer Trading Course Bundles to make day trading more flexible and allow you to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Struggling with foundations? The Essentials Trading Bundle is a comprehensive set of trading courses that teaches you everything from the basics to advanced trading strategies.

Need some more guidance? The Boost Trading Bundle provides access to advanced coaching so you can improve your trading game with the guidance of a professional trader.

Looking to take things to the next level? The Legacy Trading Bundle includes access to mentoring and support for 12 months.

Trading Courses in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, Australia

Distance is no longer an obstacle with our day trading classes online. Day trade with confidence anywhere in Australia, whether you’re based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, or the Gold Coast.

Online day trading is a great way to set your working day around your current, or desired lifestyle. Day trading is a truly unique opportunity to live life on your own terms. You can day trade from anywhere – from the comfort of your own home, while travelling, or anywhere with a computer and internet connection.

Whatever you’re looking to learn to day trade, our comprehensive trading courses will give you the skills and knowledge you need in a supportive and goal focussed environment. You can sign up for one of our Free Trading Class or enquire about any of our other trading courses today – you’ll be trading a real, tested, pro trading strategy!

FAQs Day Trading and Futures

Day Trading is the act of buying and selling an asset on a financial market. Unlike longer forms of trading, Day Trading involves entering and exiting trades within the same trading day. One of the major benefits of doing this is avoiding overnight risk.
Learn how to Day Trade and take advantage of the markets with one of our trading courses for beginners.
Futures are a trading product that allows traders to buy and sell futures contracts that have a value of an underlying asset. The reason why we choose futures trading over any other form of trading is that it is heavily regulated and we can trade directly to the exchange. This means that we do not need a broker and that we trade the true price rather than a manipulated one.
Trading Futures allows you to start day trading with a smaller account compared to share trading. The bare minimum in order to trade the micro markets is $500. The amount that you choose to trade should reflect your risk profile and objectives set out in your trading plan.

FAQs About Learning to Trade

Traders speculate on price changes for a given asset within a given market.

Seeking an income stream through trading provides flexible working hours and can be done remotely if you have a laptop, trading platform, and internet connection.

The best way to learn how to day trade is by enrolling in a comprehensive trading course. A trading course provides structured lessons and hands-on experience, guiding you through the fundamentals and advanced techniques of trading.

An academy such as IDTA guide each and every member through the process of learning how to day trade. We offer you the support that you need in order to grow as a trader.

Yes, you can learn trading online. Many reputable trading courses are available on online platforms. These trading courses offer flexibility, allowing you to learn to trade at your own pace and practice trading in simulated environments before risking real money.

In 2019 we switched our in-person training events to an online format due to social distancing. We found that our members preferred this method and found it easier to learn trading online via live classes than in-person.

No, not at all. It’s a common myth that learning to day trade takes high intelligence, and it’s been around for a long time. Our members are just like you, they come from all levels of education. As long as you have a reasonable grasp of English and intend to study the materials and practise, your intellect won’t be a factor when you learn how to day trade.

Learning to trade provides you with essential knowledge and skills, but it doesn’t guarantee profits. Successful trading requires continuous practice, disciplined execution of strategies, and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Even experienced traders face risks, so it’s crucial to manage your investments wisely.

FAQs About Learning to Trade With IDTA

The key benefit to learning to trade with an academy is the strong support system. We have a strict focus on creating confident and competent traders and do our best to set you up for success.

While learning to day trade is something you can do yourself, the addition of trading mentoring and support channels make learning how to day trade much easier.

In a trading course, you’ll learn everything from understanding market trends and analysis to mastering different trading strategies. This includes honing your skills in risk management and technical analysis which are key components to learning to day trade.

A good trading course offers a well-structured curriculum, interactive learning materials, real-time trading simulations, and access to experienced instructors. Look for courses that provide personalized feedback and support, ensuring you understand the concepts thoroughly.

All of our courses include private coaching sessions with a trading mentor and added group coaching.

Our day trading academy courses are for complete beginners to intermediates with the goal to become advanced traders. Our courses are suitable for any level, whether you have traded before or not.

Absolutely! Our trading courses are designed for beginners with no prior experience. They start with the basics and gradually progress to advanced topics. With dedication and the right guidance, almost anyone can learn to trade and potentially become a successful trader.

The time it takes to learn trading varies based on individual dedication. Typically, beginners can grasp the basics within a few weeks. However, mastering advanced techniques and becoming a consistently profitable trader might take several months of continuous learning and practice.

If you choose to learn to day trade, it’s important to go at your own pace, and prepare yourself for trading.

Not necessarily, you don’t need to invest a lot of money to learn trading. However, learning to trade is the same as learning any other skill. You could choose to take an online short-course and then ‘learn on the job’ however mistakes can be costly.

We suggest a more powerful method to learning what is essentially a new profession, is to not skimp on the education. Ensure that you learn in a similar way to a university where you have a support structure and take learning to trade more seriously.

It’s often the case that learning how to trade on your own can be far more costly than any education you can find. This is because, if you aren’t skilled enough you can lose a lot of money to the market and not have anything to show for it.

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