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Lachlan Elsworth, Cameron Buchanan, Kelly Lowry

Learn to Trade Professionally With Our Top Day Trading Mentors

6 Month intensive program for those who want to trade full-time

Trading Business School

Learn how to Day Trade on some of the most diverse markets in the world!

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  • Level: Advanced

  • Duration: 6 Months

  • Format: Online

About the Trading Business School – Futures Day Trading Program

The Trading Business school is our most advanced program. Our goal is to produce highly effective, successful Futures Traders who have the confidence to trade as their main source of income.

Our intention for the TBS program is to give each student all the trading know-how needed to take their trading from good to great and often from a casual basis to a full-time/ professional level. The student will learn how to treat their trading as a business. Ultimately a trader is the CEO of their own business. The statistics of the number of businesses that fail in their first 3 years is very high. Many people come into trading with no business experience or training in business hence the reason for high trader failure rates.

This day trading mentoring program includes not only the education but also coaching and guidance as you precede to your goal of trading full-time. In our experience, High Performers in any field have a coach and this is exactly why we developed this program.

Trading Business School is designed for graduates of our advanced trading course and continues to build on the skills learnt in that program.

As a professional stock trading course, the exposure from TBS will force you to think about what it takes to be a great trader in the current market environment. From strategy, to tactics, to psychology.

Trading Business School ultimately will be a small group of selected traders who will be working in close proximity with our professional traders, business mentors and trading mindset and psychology specialists.

3 Key Aspects of the TBS Program

  • Trading Skill Development
  • Understanding Oneself in the Market
  • Trading Business Skills Development

Let’s break these down further. What you will learn.

1. Trading Skill Development

  • Understand your market, market structure, market context and market nuances
  • Develop your trading skills – trade management (execution, risk control, flexibility)
  • Develop the ability to plan your trades based on probability
  • Develop your trading plan following a process from market analysis to evaluation
  • A detailed analysis of professional algorithms
  • Advanced Signal and Candle Stick Analysis techniques
  • 60-Minute, 4 Hour and Daily Chart Analysis and Trading Techniques
  • Larger Chart target projection techniques using Fibonacci Extensions and Retracements
  • 5-Minute / Larger Chart Combination Trading Techniques including Swing Trading
  • Advanced Risk Management and Risk Mitigation Techniques

2. Understanding Oneself in the Market

  • Discover your Best Trader Self
  • Develop your trading mindset
  • Understand the market as a game of probabilities
  • Become a high performer, who accepts risk and trades with discipline and patience
  • Truly understand how we interact with the market

3. Trading Business Skills Development

  • Develop Business and Life Planning Skills
  • Develop your Trading Business Plan
Lachlan Elsworth Day Trading Educator

Lachlan Elsworth

Lachlan is the Co-Founder of IDTA and Trading System Architect. Lachlan is well-recognized globally as a Day Trading and Day Trading Psychology specialist.

Having traded Shares, Options, FOREX and Futures. Lachlan has now spent almost half his life trading in a personal and professional capacity, and as such has developed a highly tuned awareness of what works in the world of trading. Lachlan is a very big fan of ‘OTC Broker Free Trading’ and is a global advocate for Broker Free Futures Trading.

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Lachlan Elsworth Day Trading Educator

Cameron Buchanan

Cameron is the co-founder and director of International Day Trading Academy. Cameron is a businessman, an investor, a trader, a passionate surfer and amateur competitive golfer as well as a qualified school teacher. He is a well-recognized and highly respected in the IDTA trading world as an expert in the economic cycles of Trading and Investment. Cam was the mastermind behind the very first Byron Bay Surf School which grew organically into an empire and became one of the largest Surf School Businesses in Australia.

Cameron is a skilled market forecaster and teacher of trading psychology. Cameron is a consistent contributor to Australia’s largest trading magazine, YTE Magazine.

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Lachlan Elsworth Day Trading Educator

Kelly Lowry

For the past 25 years, Kelly has been creating, inspiring and innovating in the corporate world of commercial business.  With her first property development at the age of 20, Kelly went on to build a diverse portfolio of major developments, including her own successful commercial enterprises. From multi-million property development, to grass-roots conceptual planning for start-up, and everything in between, there isn’t much Kelly hasn’t done.

With a Bachelor of Marketing and International Business, as well as qualifications in design, journalism and public relations, Kelly’s journey has led her all over the world, establishing an impressive global clientele of highly recognized companies and individuals.

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– 3 full days of market analysis, trading strategy, live market replay

– Presentations in Trading Psychology, Personal Development and High Performance

A monthly 60 minute coaching session with the IDTA day trading mentors on a monthly basis to keep you accountable to your goals, and reinforce your learnings and knowledge on trading as a business, keeping you on your success path at all times.
12 weeks of Trade Watch Program, where students record their trading session and their screenshot and submit for review. Includes Weekly Group analysis of weeks results and mentor feedback.
One session per week will be dedicated to live market analysis. Students get the opportunity to see the mentor prepare for the session and trade. Gives the student the opportunity to ask questions live in the market regarding the mentor’s analysis and approach to the market on that given day.
Monthly 60 Minute training sessions – These 6 webinars are a reinforcement of the training that you received in the 2 x 3-day sessions Training Sessions twice a year. Each of these 6 webinars will reinforce the 6 intensive training day sessions that were completed over the 6 months.
The Essentials course is an introduction and the foundation to our trading strategy. Because of this you will need to take this course. Once completed you will also need to complete our advanced trading course. Our trading courses are designed to guide you through the learning process and each course builds on top of the previous as you advance.
April to September inclusive
Our Trading Business School accepts enrolments any time of the year, however the TBS programs currently start in April. Based on the traders experience and progression we do have exceptions to enroll any time throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining the Trading Business School program you can email us at info@idta.com.au for further information

Yes, you will need to have completed the Essentials trading course as well as our advance trading course. Each registrant for the program is hand picked based on whether their skills are at a level that they can make the most out of the program.

Course Highlights

  • 2 x 3 Day Intensive Training Programs

  • Weekly Live Market Intensive Training

  • 6 Private Mentoring Sessions (1-on-1)

  • 3 Months Trade Watch Program

  • 6 Monthly TBS Group Coaching Webinars

  • 6 Months Live Trading Room

  • 6 Months of IDTA Indicators

  • 6 Months of Weekly Foundation Coaching

  • 6 Months of Bi-Weekly Advanced Coaching

  • Annual Conference Ticket

  • Life-time access to course assets

  • Excellent member support

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