Experience Live Day Trading at our Trading Retreat

For those who have completed the IDTA online courses, our Trading Retreat is a potentially life changing event.

๐ŸŒด๐Ÿ“ˆ Join Our Day Trading Retreat for a Real adventure! ๐Ÿ“ˆ๐ŸŒด

The Trading Retreat is for those who want to expand their trading skills while enjoying the lifestyle of a professional.
This program is a balance of relaxation and adventure.

This program will deliver you a trading an advanced trading retreat that we can assure you, you will never forget!

The agenda is action packed with health, fitness, trading techniques, tactics and a high level of education. After the 5 Day classroom program completes you will get the chance to reward yourself by a day of adventure and fun! Depending on our location, we will seek to spend the morning quad biking through the beautiful green fields and rice paddies, and in the afternoon white water rafting through the Bali Mountains and water cascades. We then complete our day with a smorgasbord of Indonesian delights in a hidden restaurant amongst the jungle.

trading business school

Full trading course

This program goes well beyond a typical Trading Course. This trading retreat offers a genuine opportunity to experience what life could be like as a professional trader utilising the IDTA trading strategies.

day trading retreat program

7 Day trading retreat in paradise

The trader’s retreat is set in Bali and runs for 7 days. We pack in not only high level trading techniques and education, but health, fitness, and plenty of fun! You can enjoy activities such as quad biking, white water rafting, yoga, spa treatments, amazing food and team bonding.

Direct access to trading educators

Direct access to educators

This program is designed for small groups. This means you will have close access to our professional traders and educators. You’ll not only learn new skills by day, you will be able to have hands-on practice during the live market sessions of the European Open and US Pre-Market sessions respectively.

Day Traders Lifestyle

The trading lifestyle

Join like-minded members and enjoy the benefits of the trading lifestyle. Trading pretty much anywhere that has an internet connection, and working with a more flexible work schedule. See for yourself how trading can provide a portable and flexible working lifestyle.

Advancing your trading skills

Attendees of the Trader’s Retreat will have the opportunity to sharpen their trading, risk management, and trading psychology skills. This program is intended to enhance your existing skills and help build the consistency in your trading application.

We believe that graduates of this program build trading competence and confidence for themselves. These are must-have traits in order to trade successfully. Find your trading personality and choose a market that matches that personality

Unique access to educators

Unique access to trading educators

Master range charts

Accelerator trading program

Ready yourself for trading a live account

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Feel more in control of time

Day Traders Lifestyle

Experience working remotely

work remotely through day trading

Described as “Life changing”

Trade a live account

Experience the trader’s lifestyle

For those looking to escape the 9 to 5 working week, trading can offer a more flexible schedule. Typically a trader will trade one market and work for around 1-2 hours per day. This can leave free time for more enjoyable or important things. The goal of this program is to gain the skills to make trading full time a reality.

One thing that trading can bring that is unique to only a few professions is that it is completely portable. We have members who trade all around the world, some in remote places. As long as you have access to a reliable internet connection and a trading platform, trading can be done anywhere.

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Expand your skills and experience an adventure

Meet the instructors

Cameron Buchanan Day Trading Educator

Cameron Buchanan

Presenter and educator for the Accelerator trading program and presenter/educator for the trading as a business course.

Kelly Lowry money mindset Educator

Kelly Lowry

Presenter and educator for the trading as a business course, focused on mindset and goal setting and business skills.

ingela trading workshop presenter

Ingela Traynor

Presentor and trading coach, Ingela has been taught by IDTA and now helps others achieve better trading results.

Program FAQs

  • 7 Nights & Days of Accommodation in Modern 5 Star Hotel
  • All meals
  • The full advanced trading program
  • Evening Live Market Trading
  • Group Mentoring
  • All Adventures – Quad Biking & White Water Rafting
  • 3 x 1 Hour Body Treatments throughout your stay
  • Post Program Bonus – 4 x 90 Minutes Advanced Coaching Webinars
  • Flights
  • Transport from airport
  • Alcohol and coffee
  • Laundry, Spa, Extra hotel services including mini bar
The rooms are shared however you can request a private room. The private room will depend on availability of the resort. There will be some costs involved in having a private room.
The traders retreat teaches the same advanced program that is also available at our headquarters. Because this program builds on what is learned in our Essentials trading course it is a requirement that you finish the Essentials course before signing up for the Trader’s retreat

We run this program only once per year in August. Because there is a limited number of members for each retreat it is important to register your interest early on.

If you have completed the Essentials course and would like to enquire about the trader’s retreat, or for the exact dates for the next program, email your questions to info@idta.com.au

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Vince R (NSW) – Nov 2023

Mark D (QLD) – Nov 2023

Mitch D (VIC) – Nov 2023

Expand your skills and experience an adventure

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