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Day Trading Futures

Day Trading Course for Beginners

Learn to trade the markets like our professional traders

Essentials Day Trading Course

Learn how to Day Trade on some of the most diverse markets in the world!

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  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate

  • Duration: 14+ Hours

  • Format: Online

About the Futures Day Trading Course

If you want to learn to trade the markets really well, then you are in the right place. The Essentials Trading course teaches you how to trade multiple global markets using one strategy.

You will have exposure to courses in commodity trading for beginners, and have the freedom to trade Commodity Markets like Oil and Gold, all Major Currency Markets like the US Dollar and Aussie Dollar and all major Share Index Markets Globally, all using one strategy. When Currencies are flat, trade Commodities. When Commodities are flat, trade Indexes, the freedom to choose is yours!

When you get good at trading, you can also learn to trade some of the best Share Index Markets globally, like the NASDAQ, S&P500 and FDAX just to mention three.

The Essentials course is built for beginner and expert traders alike and delivers you some massive advantages over courses offered by other trading educators. Just one of these advantages is that you can trade the markets without the interference of Brokers and we are going to teach you exactly how to do this!

Whether you are brand new to trading, or a seasoned specialist, our course is designed to be a “step by step beginner guide” that builds on your expertise and helps you develop a deep understanding of why the markets move and how you can take advantage of them.

What you can learn from our day trading courses for beginners

  • Fundamentals of the Futures markets and Futures Trading for Beginners
  • Candlestick analysis and charting
  • The power of the 5-minute chart
  • Trade signals and patterns
  • Risk management
Lachlan Elsworth Day Trading Educator

Course Author

Lachlan is the Co-Founder of IDTA and Trading System Architect. Lachlan is well-recognized globally as a Day Trading and Day Trading Psychology specialist.

Having traded Shares, Options, FOREX and Futures. Lachlan has now spent almost half his life trading in a personal and professional capacity, and as such has developed a highly tuned awareness of what works in the world of trading. Lachlan is a very big fan of ‘OTC Broker Free Trading’ and is a global advocate for Broker Free Futures Trading.

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The Essentials course is an introduction and the foundation to our trading strategy. Because of this you will need to take this course in order to take more advanced courses offered by the International Day Trading Academy
The course is self paced and consists of over 14 hours of content. You can take as long as you like to complete the course just make sure you understand everything before you move on. You have lifetime access to the course material and can revisit any of the content at any time. If you spend 1-2 hours per day studying, you should be able to complete the course over 1 month.
You can enrol at any time. For more information contact us via 617 5551 4050 or email us at info@idta.com.au
No, this course assumes you have no prior knowledge of trading. You should have strong English skills in order to understand the content. You should also have basic computer skills. You will need a computer and internet access for this course.

Course Highlights

  • 13 Modules

  • 31 Online Videos

  • 10 Quizzes

  • Life-time Access

  • 12 Coaching Sessions

  • 3 Months Live Trading Room

  • 3 Months Trading Indicators

  • Trading Hub Access

  • Extensive Support

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