My name is Dean, and this is my trading journey (so far…)

I joined IDTA when the organisation was founded. I studied the online trading courses for beginners but struggled to find the time and discipline to start trading. I lacked a solid trading plan and accountability. I recently joined our local IDTA Trading Hub and found a group of like-minded individuals that encouraged me to begin trading instead of just talking/thinking about it.

I contacted IDTA in January 2019 and signed up for the Accelerator program and followed that up with the Advanced Trading Course 3 months later. Accelerator gave me the knowledge and skill to feel comfortable with the trading platform and signal recognition. After Accelerator I spent 3 months becoming familiar with NinjaTrader and reviewing the 101 course again.

In June I attended the Platinum course with the focus to finish Platinum with a solid trading plan, target market, and trading time that suited my schedule. Platinum gave me that and so much more!

When returning from Platinum I went home and immediately implemented my trading plan in simulation. I chose to trade the Nasdaq during the European timeslot from 5-6:30pm immediately after work. This would give me the ability to be with the family for dinner and help the kids with their homework.

Over the past 3 months, I have made plenty of mistakes but have taken over 170 trades with 143 (+10 tic) profitable trades. I have doubled my simulation account twice and I am rapidly approaching doubling it again for the third time. I plan to go “live” after this last doubling of the account. I guess that is where my story will begin…

Thank you IDTA my life and the generations that follow me will be forever changed.

Dean Cronkwright receiving certificate for completing the platinum trading course

IDTA Member Dean C. receives his certificate of completion for the Platinum program

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