My name is Brett, and this is my story so far…

I have always had a curiosity with financial markets and like most people have read a few books and dabbled a bit with mixed success.

In late 2018, a good friend of mine told me about IDTA and the community of traders that help each other to develop their trading skills.

Since joining IDTA, I have completed the day trading course for beginners which has taught me so much about developing and following a profitable trading plan.

In essence, over the past six months I have focused on mastering 1 trading signal in 1 market and 1 time-slot.

This effectively means that I turn my laptop on for 30-60 min’s per day (US Pre-Open), look for trades that meet my plan and then click the button.

During my first month of trading live (May 2019) I earned enough money to pay for a large part of an 18-day holiday island hopping around Bali with my wife and son.

One of the highlights of the trip was staying in a beachfront villa “Good Karma Bungalows” in Amed which is on the north-eastern coast of Bali.

Our fully equipped villa complete with beachfront infinity pool was best described by my wife as “absolute paradise”.

We spent the majority of our days either diving, hiking, massages after the hiking lol, eating amazing food and exploring the nearby villages on a scooter.

The villa also had a great Wi-Fi connection for such a remote location, which allowed me to trade a couple of nights from the beachfront restaurant.

This was my first taste of trading whilst travelling and has convinced me that this will be a semi-permanent option for us down the track.

Brett sitting with feet up getting ready to trade futures

From what I have seen of some other IDTA members results, I am also sure that we won’t be the only one’s…. which is BRILLIANT !

Our next trip is to Singapore in November!

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