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Business Mogul, Motivator,

Futurist, Life Coach

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For the past 27 years, Kelly has been creating, inspiring and innovating in the corporate world of commercial business in the mentor of strategy.  With her first property development at the age of 20, Kelly went on to build a diverse portfolio of major developments, including her own successful commercial enterprises.

From multi-million property development, to grass-roots conceptual planning for start-up, and everything in between, there isn’t much Kelly hasn’t done.

Hi There Shift Seeker!
It's time to get BACK ON PURPOSE...
Sounds simple, right?

All you need is to feel a deep desire to make a shift and have the courage to see it through for a real change to take place. Given these 2 vital components can you step into the unknown and TRUST there will be a shift?

Let Me Assure You!

The shift program will awaken you to a deeper level where you will see and acknowledge yourself creating your own reality.

If you don’t own it, you can’t change it.

If no change takes place you will continue to create situations whereby you will be the victim of certain situations OR you always get to be the Martyr, toughing it out!

If someone helps you build your house, who does it belong to, them or you? They only assisted you in building your house. It’s your house after all.

-Do you feel stuck in certain areas of your life?
-Do you feel like some of these habits keep looping over and over again?
-Do you find yourself knowing that life is passing you by?

These blocks and boundaries keep you imprisoned in a less than fulfilling reality. Unfortunately for many, this shift happens way too often at the end of their life story, don't let this be you...
Your Agenda
4 days and 3 nights devoted to your personal EVOLUTION and ENLIGHTENMENT!
Day 1 
(Half Day)

2pm - 4pm Arrive and Check In to Accommodation.
  • Welcome and Program Registration.
  • Meet and Greet over afternoon tea.

4pm - Introduction to The Shift Program. Start the journey to greater self awareness and self discovery in motion in a safe and confidential space. 
  • Set your goals and intentions for the program and be open to manifest your heart's desire! 
  • Once we have set our collective intentions we will explore universal laws, cycles, and shifts that are occurring in our lifetime and how they impact on our lives, frequency and DNA! 
  • Arrival Dinner - a great opportunity to get to know other students and connect over a sumptuous healthy meal. 
  • Completion of evening and back to Accommodation for a good night's sleep in readiness for a fresh start to Day 2!

Day 2
(Full Day)

  • Morning Mindfulness and Movement to start the day with intention and get your endorphins flowing, feel your inextricable connection to nature and universe, breath the fresh air into your lungs and start the day with gratitude and vitality.
  • Breakfast Together
  • Session 1  - The pathway to Enlightenment will include interactive processes and questioning your everyday reality through connected communication circles and intimate processes to reveal what is standing between you and your reality shift.
  • Healthy Lunch 
  • Session 2 - Interactive processes, meditations, questioning and reflection will create the opening to peel back more layers of the metaphorical onion, to gain greater self awareness and insight to what beliefs and programming are really driving you and unconsciously creating your reality. The opportunity is presented to breakthrough fears and doubts to reveal your true authentic self and innate potential. 
  • Interactive Sound Healing. Play with sound, frequency and vibration to experience the impact upon your body, mind and spirit.
  • Buffet Dinner
  • Group Activity - Consolidate your experiences as we have fun with different modalities to integrate your personal shift as it unfolds. 

Day 3
(Full Day)

  • Morning Mindfulness to start the day with gentle movement and mobility to help release any emotional or energetic blockages that may be held in your physical body and manifesting as pain. 
  • Breakfast Together
  • We delve further into our exploration of limiting patterns and programmed belief systems and how they reflect in our daily life, health, relationships and bank accounts. Do they still serve you now that you are calling forth a shift in your reality?
  • Healthy Lunch 
  • Interactive communication circles, including meditations, breath therapy and processes to help you shift any unwanted baggage to let go of the past that binds you to our current reality and keeps you small. 
  • Dinner and Celebration Ritual to let go of the old and welcome the new reality shift into your life.

Day 4
(Half Day)

  • Morning Mindfulness and Movement to start the day
  • Breakfast Together
  • Interactive Completion Session and Consolidation of the Program. Embracing your paradigm shift and looking forward to a new reality. Make sure you do your homework to receive maximum benefits from the program! You are your own guarantee! 
  • Farewell Lunch - Celebrate your shift with your peers before you head home to truly integrate your experience. 
  • Pack up and Check out in readiness to travel home.
Impact Your Life On Every Level
(And learn how to find your inner peace and happiness)
Here's What Some of Our Shift Seekers
Have to Say About The Program
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Lea, 2020 SHIFT In Paradise Program
Malcom, 2020 SHIFT In Paradise Program
Pete, 2020 SHIFT In Paradise Program
Toni, 2018 June SHIFT Program
Sean, 2018 June SHIFT Program
Georgia, 2018 June SHIFT Program
Danny, 2020 SHIFT Program
Ready To Take Your Life To The Next Level...?
Gain the skills and experience to shift your thinking and behaviours around relationships, money, limiting beliefs, sabotaging patterns and unlocking blocked emotions
Use what you learn to awaken the a deeper level of yourself where you see yourself creating your own reality
Understand that willingness is the key to make change happen in your life
Gain the awareness of whether what you are seeking currently is hurting or healing you
"In One Word, How Would You Describe The Shift Program?"
The class of 2018 share their "One Word" to describe their personal journey, or what "Shift" means to them.

Go from what you DON'T want to what you DO want

Learn to take full responsibility - WHICH MEANS you own the face that you are the creator of your current reality.
Create freedom from situations, habits, and limitations that you don't want to keep looping over and over.
Gain the ability to take the swift action needed to initiate the changes in your life.
Find an abundance of happiness and laughter
Impact Your Life On Every Level
(And learn how to find your inner peace and happiness)
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