Lachlan Elsworth
Lachlan ElsworthCo-Founder & System Architect

Meet Lachlan Elsworth

Co-founder of the International Day Trading Academy, Lead Educator, and Trading System Architect.

Lachlan is the International Day Trading Academy’s lead professional trader and lead trading coach. Lachlan is well respected in the Day Trading community in the fields of strategy and trading psychology, and is a consistent contributor to Australia’s largest trading magazine, YTE Magazine.

Lachlan has an extensive trading career having traded Shares, Options, FOREX and Futures. Lachlan has now spent almost half his life trading in a personal and professional capacity, and as such has developed a highly tuned awareness of what works in the world of trading. Over the course of his trading career, Lachlan has presented nationally and internationally in over 14 countries, reaching tens of thousands of people, many of whom have become his students.

Lachlan’s reputation as a highly skilled Trading Mentor, has positioned Lachlan as the ‘go-to’ source for many media platforms including Sky News Australia, ABC News Australia, National Achievers Congress 2013, Your Trading Edge Magazine, and 2GB Radio (Sydney), just to mention a few.

Most recently Lachlan was asked to present the benefits of trading the Global Futures markets to the Board of Directors of the Malaysian Stock Exchange, who collectively direct, own and advise over 240 financial enterprises within the Asian markets. Lachlan has once again been invited to contribute to this prestigious group again in 2020 with multiple online events already scheduled. Lachlan currently guest lectures at the Edith Cowan University at the Masters of Finance level.

As an entrepreneur, and Founder of IDTA, Lachlan puts into practice the wealth creation principles he teaches within the trading industry, giving his clients the opportunity to generate their own financial independence, on their own terms, trading from the privacy of their own homes. According to Lachlan, “It’s just a matter of finding the right market, the right education and the right mentor, the rest should be history.”

Prior to becoming a Professional Trader, Lachlan attended Sydney University studying Science – Physics and Chemistry. Post University, Lachlan progressed to contribute 15 years of service in the Australian Regular Army and achieved the Field Rank of Major. Lachlan was deployed multiple times on combat operations overseas and as such brings a certain calm to the charts when he is running the Advanced Trading Room. He then chose to follow his passion, teaching and trading, and this has now positioned him as one of the most respected members of the Australian and International Trading industry. Lachlan is an insightful, profit-driven business leader in one of the fastest growing businesses on the planet …. Trading.

Lachlan Elsworth
Lachlan ElsworthCo-Founder & System Architect

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