The Euro Open Session Tuesday 5 April 2022 was quiet due to a number of global markets being closed for the day. That said, the European centric markets did move really well, producing some great trades as per the screen shot below. The FDAX traders and the more experienced Oil and Nasdaq traders had a ball.

The lesson of the day was “Let the market come to you!”, meaning let the market create the signal and only act on that signal when the signal is 100% confirmed.

The comments of the day are below. Well done to all traders on a session that required discipline and a lot of patience.

Member comment of the day

16:34:08 From Danilo C to  Everyone: Nq +20 total 50 for the session, done thanks lachy great session.
50 Tics on the NQ (Nasdaq is a gross result of $250.00 USD per contract traded).

Screenshot of the day

FDAX April 5 22 European Open

FDAX 5 April 2022 – European Open.

Tuesday 5 April 2022 Member Chat Log

14:37:03 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: Good afternoon, Lachy! Have a wonderful session!
14:45:04 From GlenO to Everyone: hello
14:45:18 From DavidR to Everyone: Hi Lachy :)
14:45:22 From GarethW to Everyone: hI
14:45:43 From AllanS to Everyone: arvo all
14:45:44 From GarethW to Everyone: OK
14:46:11 MatteoP to Everyone: Hello everyone. Have an amazing session today!
14:52:20 From AhmedA to Everyone: Hi Lachy /Carlo
14:53:15 From GlenG to Everyone: Hey Lachy can you show how you drew your fib on the NQ please?
14:55:21 From AhmedA to Everyone: @Glean, I think this is 4 hour chart fib on sell leg
14:55:30 From JohnM to Everyone: Hi
14:55:40 From DavidR to Everyone: Time flies
14:55:56 From AndrewF to Everyone: G’day Lachy, traders!
14:56:07 From BobR to Everyone: Hi Lachy
14:59:25 From MelA to Everyone: Hi Lachy
14:59:27 From MelA to Everyone: idta
15:00:46 From MelA to Everyone: 14500 maybe a short ?
15:01:18 From GregS to Everyone: Hi Lachy Hi All
15:03:03 From GlenO to Everyone: wow
15:03:17 From SamJ to Everyone: +126 mnq
15:03:36 From AhmedA to Everyone: wd Sam
15:04:21 From MarkieB to Everyone: wd sj
15:04:43 From SamJ to Everyone: Ty MB & AA
15:06:38 From KerryM to Everyone: Lachy where did you find that us news?
15:07:06 From KerryM to Everyone: ah ha
15:09:37 From DavidR to Everyone: Any donkey Lachy :p
15:09:43 From DavidR to Everyone: :)
15:09:55 From AhmedA to Everyone: ha ha
15:10:15 From MarkieB to Everyone: cats can place trades in left alone
15:10:47 From RonB to Everyone: Greetings
15:11:49 From MelA to Everyone: maybe a497 short dynamic entry lachy ?
15:13:37 From GlenO to Everyone: +18 Nq short
15:14:11 From GlenO to Everyone: x2
15:14:54 From MelA to Everyone: Great explanation lachy, thank you
15:16:59 From GregS to Everyone: +4×24 +1×12 es 15min cl rev
15:17:17 From MarkieB to Everyone: wd gs
15:18:06 From JohnM to Everyone: +10+2 cl 15min cl rev
15:18:20 From MarkieB to Everyone: wd jm
15:18:35 From GregS to Everyone: +10×10 cl (oil) 15 min cl rev
15:18:53 From JohnM to Everyone: wd gs
15:19:23 From GregS to Everyone: Thanks, MarkB & JM
15:19:55 From GregS to Everyone: Well done JohnM
15:23:20 From DanielD to Everyone: hi all
15:24:26 From KenS to Everyone: Lachie when you get a minute can you show me where you have drawn 4 hr nq
15:26:25 From Carlo MatteoP to Hosts and panelists: Lachy, forgive me I missed why we cannot go short on FDAX. Do you mind repeating? We would be against the stairstep, so a reversal should be okay if there was no 50% of the day?
15:26:57 From KenS to Everyone: ty
15:32:51 From Carlo MatteoP to Hosts and panelists: Lachy, draw the “Jonnny Low Tide” extension on the opening candle of the FDAX. I just reversed against the 161.8. I did just +7 +5 because my ATM triggered and stopped my second target of +15.
15:33:59 From GregS to Everyone: +4×24 +8×12 es EFT
15:34:48 From DanG to Everyone: Range chart training would be great
15:34:56 From MelA to Everyone: hi lachy, is there still a valid trade long at 596?
15:35:39 From AndrewF to Everyone: +6 x 2 fdxm long
15:36:05 From MelA to Everyone: too much risk next bus
15:42:12 From MelA to Everyone: your 1525 candle closed below the open, the previous candle was eff, I wanted to go long at your on 1530 candle (but didn’t because the previous candle at 1525 closed below the open) is that still allowed to go long ?
15:43:41 From MingY to Everyone: Hi Lachy, for static bar reversals, does it have to be in this order: 1. Efficiency 2. Loss of Efficiency 3. Fails at brick wall?
What if Buyers are Efficient, hit a brick wall first (and then they lose Efficiency on the next candle), is this still considered a Static Bar Reversal?
15:46:04 From MelA to Everyone: Thank you for tonight’s explanation, greatly appreciated , see you soon , ta Lachy
15:52:32 From AhmedA to Everyone: +11×2 sbr
15:53:11 From MarkieB to Everyone: wd aa
15:53:38 From AhmedA to Everyone: thanks Mark
15:53:57 From KoziK to Everyone: +4 es
15:54:21 From JohnM to Everyone: +4+1 es sbr
15:54:49 From DaniloC to Everyone: NQ +20 SBR
15:55:41 From GlenO to Everyone: +32 Nq
15:56:48 From JoshuaW to Everyone: mnq +20
15:59:31 From AndrewT to Everyone: 99%
16:01:21 From GarethW to Everyone: they should be fined
16:01:37 From GarethW to Everyone: agree
16:06:33 From AnnikaD to Everyone: Yay I had a successful trade!
16:07:29 From MarkieB to Everyone: wd ad
16:08:15 From MarkieB to Hosts and panelists: remember her from accel on sunday
16:08:16 From AnnikaD to Everyone: So exciting! But reminds me of a poker machine lol
16:08:27 From AnnikaD to Everyone: lol
16:09:07 From DaniloC to Everyone: yes me also
16:09:57 From MatthewL to Everyone: mnq only went 7 ticks from my slippage entry
16:11:05 From AndrewT to Everyone: On the MNQ it is a efficient Candle the grenn
16:15:20 From MatthewL to Everyone: -45 mnq
16:16:35 From MatthewL to Everyone: This game is pointless on mnq
16:18:07 From SamJ to Everyone: Is anybody know why market volume is low all day.
16:18:50 From JohnM to Everyone: china holiday
16:19:23 From DavidR to Everyone: Asleep at the wheel
16:20:59 From DavidR to Everyone: Didn’t Garfield teach us that if you heard it on television, it must be true?
16:22:24 From TONYN to Everyone: Lachy, Patrick Lancaster is an American independent journalist in Eastern Ukraine, he’s got a channel on YouTube with real news from the battle ground aka truth.
16:23:22 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: Lachy, today I can hear the same voices you hear in your head(set), just not clear at all. The day I will be able to hear them too, I can call myself a trader :-)
16:23:47 From TONYN to Everyone: You’re welcome.
16:26:14 From DavidR to Everyone: I’m off for tonight
16:26:16 From DavidR to Everyone: take care Lachy
16:31:59 From AndrewT to Everyone: Travel expences
16:34:08 From DaniloC to Everyone: Nq +20 total 50 for the session, done thanks lachy great session.
16:35:01 From Stephen CookC to Everyone: thanks lachy
16:35:10 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: See you in a while in the TBS, Lachy. Thank you very much. good night, traderds!
16:35:21 From BobR to Everyone: Thanks Lachy
16:35:37 From JohnM to Everyone: Thanks Lachy.
16:35:41 From AllanS to Everyone: thks lachy
16:35:45 From TONYN to Everyone: Thanks Lachy.
16:35:56 From JohanD to Everyone: Thanks Lachy.
16:36:06 From KevinT to Everyone: Thanks Lachy
16:36:19 From AnnikaD to Everyone: Thanks Lachy!
16:37:16 From SamJ to Everyone: Thanks Lachy.
16:37:19 From ChrisB to Everyone: Thanks Lachy