The Euro Open Session was a blast on 12 April 2022 and the S&P500 produced the best trades of the session. The DELTA and Efficiency indicators won the day on all markets with a 60 Minute move long offering far larger target potential.

As indicated in the S&P500 screen shot below (and the black arrow), any of the buying trades that agreed with this larger chart move, had the potential for very large targets. For those of you into numbers, the S&P500 ran 58 tics after the first buying trade with only 16 tics at risk. With each tic worth $10.00 USD per contract traded, that is a great risk to reward ratio.

Member comment of the day

The comment of the day goes to two traders, Markie B and Andrew F.

15:58:06 From MarkieB to Everyone: +120 nq sb 16.50
15:13:00 From AndrewF to Everyone: +5 +8 +10 fdxm sbr long

To bring these posts into context, every Tic on the NQ (NASDAQ) is worth $5.00 USD per tic. Marks posted result equates to a $600.00 USD trade, per contract traded, and the market travelled significantly beyond that profit target. Well done, Mark.

In the case of Andrew’s post, the FDXM (Micro FDAX) is worth $5.00 Euro per tic per contract traded. Andrews posted result equates to $115.00 Euro as a gross result. Well done, Andrew!

Screenshot of the day

ES 06 22 5 Minute 2022 04 12 6 27 10 PM

ES (S&P500) 12 April 2022 – European Open.

Tuesday 12 April 2022 Member Chat Log

14:29:39 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: Good afternoon, Lachy!

14:41:45 From MelA to Everyone: Hey Lachy, IDTA member, hope your all well.

14:42:03 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: Hi Mel, Hi traders! Have a great session!

14:47:47 From NelsonL to Everyone: HI Fred have a great night!!!

14:48:08 From IDTA Moderator to Everyone: Hello all!

14:49:03 From NelsonL to Everyone: is the news off the back from the BHT and ETH news in Ukraine

14:52:48 From MingY to Everyone: Hello Lachy

14:53:09 From NelsonL to Everyone: no sound?

14:53:37 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: Nelson, LAchy opnes the mic at 5′ before the gong goes off

14:53:47 From NelsonL to Everyone: thanks Carlo
14:54:00 From RonB to Everyone: Greetings
14:55:53 From AndrewH to Everyone: Hi Lachy and all

14:55:58 From DanG to Everyone: Hi team

14:56:00 From NelsonL to Everyone: got it thanks

14:56:03 From GeorgeP to Hosts and panelists: hi guys

14:56:03 From MelA to Everyone: Would you go long, if this candle goes climactic mate ?

14:57:17 From AhmedA to Everyone: Hay Lachy who is gonna win weekly show MDI continuation short and 4 hour sbr ?

14:57:57 From AndrewF to Everyone: G’day Lachy, traders!

14:58:51 From DanG to Everyone: Sorry Lachy. what should we expect at 14000. I missed that??

15:06:14 From AndrewF to Everyone: +5 +10 fdxm rev long

15:08:40 From GeorgeP to Hosts and panelists: hi guys, my FDAX chart does not have live data feed, every time I load a new FDAX Chart it is updated but does not have countdown timer and doesn’t do anything

15:13:00 From AndrewF to Everyone: +5 +8 +10 fdxm sbr long

15:13:50 From JenelleL to Everyone: sbr wallpaper could be trendy

15:16:18 From FascoA to Hosts and panelists: what time advance coaching tonight bce I don’t receive the link

15:21:35 From KevinT to Everyone: Hi I’m new, what do you class as the pre market box and relevance does it have?

15:21:43 From LiamS to Everyone: +11 nq DF at 50 fib

15:22:47 From HectorM to Everyone: + 40 mnq x 2

15:22:48 From ThomasH to Everyone: MNQ ABC Breach +20 +73

15:23:34 From JohnM to Everyone: +4 es

15:27:24 From KenS to Everyone: Lachie when you have a minute can you show me your 60 min fr on nq

15:28:43 From KenS to Everyone: ty

15:30:04 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: Lachy, does the pre-market box of FDAX last for US open and close too, or we can ignore it after this session?

15:30:17 From KevinT to Everyone: Thankyou

15:31:02 From DavidR to Everyone: fdxs -20

15:32:32 From DanG to Everyone: +20 SBR NQ

15:32:42 From MarkieB to Everyone: wd dg

15:33:23 From AhmedA to Everyone: Dan this candle sbc

15:33:25 From DanW to Everyone: Didn’t you call one with a delta for es?

15:38:21 From BrentT to Everyone: 2 trades mnq total +70

15:40:07 From MarkieB to Everyone: wd bt

15:40:08 From AnnikaD to Everyone: Risk though?

15:41:56 From AhmedA to Everyone: Thanks Lachy KPI met see you in advanced session

15:45:44 From DanW to Everyone: Some traders have shown interest in trading the first hour of the US Open with Fred (in addition to the US Close). Fred is also interested! Do you know anyone in high places who could pull some strings and make this happen for us?

15:45:57 From KevinT to Everyone: If you see a trade set up but can’t take it due to risk for example on the nq, Would you take it on the mnq to meet risk criteria or not.

15:46:19 From DanW to Everyone: Thanks!!!

15:46:22 From DanG to Everyone: 400%

15:46:49 From DanielD to Everyone: Great idea Dan

15:46:56 From NelsonL to Everyone: I’m well and truly out….Thanks Lachy

15:50:26 From KerryM to Everyone: es into m76 and mdi

15:50:49 From DanielD to Everyone: Es is on the 76 fib micro

15:52:21 From DavidR to Everyone: fdxs +9

15:52:27 From AndrewF to Everyone: +5 x 3 fdxm rev long

15:53:05 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: 2x +5 FDAX Sim

15:53:47 From AndrewF to Everyone: Thanks Lachy – KPI met. Dropping off now. Night all!

15:55:14 From AnnikaD to Everyone: NQ closed over the breach point

15:56:32 From BruceG to Hosts and panelists: yes I did but no pick up

15:56:53 From BruceG to Hosts and panelists: I know!

15:57:10 From DavidR to Everyone: lol

15:57:13 From BruceG to Hosts and panelists: excellent

15:57:16 From NickiK to Everyone: yay !! Yep, lock her up

15:57:26 From DionW to Everyone: Shes going don’t worry !

15:57:30 From BruceG to Hosts and panelists: i thought you were allowed now

15:57:33 From DavidR to Everyone: She’s so many hilarious videos of her

15:57:48 From GrantH to Everyone: bali is open now

15:58:06 From MarkieB to Everyone: +120 nq sb 16.50

15:58:12 From AnnikaD to Everyone: Can you please comment on NQ

15:58:20 From NickiK to Everyone: lovely job MarkieB

15:58:36 From JohnM to Everyone: WD MB

15:58:55 From MarkieB to Everyone: yes – should have got out earlier

15:59:44 From DanG to Everyone: MB brilliant!

15:59:45 From MarkieB to Everyone: problem is the first candle – once over that is ok

16:01:03 From AnnikaD to Everyone: Wow!

16:01:05 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: Don’t we all love McG?

16:01:24 From DavidR to Everyone: there’s a great thiller film about it

16:01:28 From NickiK to Everyone: can we sneak you in by jetski ?

16:01:42 From MarkieB to Everyone: do you want dan instead

16:01:45 From MichaelV to Everyone: 60 min sbr on dax?

16:01:51 From DanW to Everyone: You are always welcome back in Sydney

16:01:56 From DaniloC to Hosts and panelists: Hi lachy,hi team, is the platinum training on tonight being the second Tuesday of the month.

16:02:57 From MarkieB to Everyone: good sbr long

16:03:19 From DaniloC to Hosts and panelists: great when does it start?

16:04:33 From MarkieB to Everyone: got taken out at 943

16:05:53 From AnnikaD to Everyone: 0 for me atm

16:07:55 From DavidR to Everyone: i was

16:07:58 From MarkieB to Everyone: yes

16:08:04 From KamalK to Everyone: I was

16:08:08 From MarkieB to Hosts and panelists: got 260

16:08:08 From GarethW to Everyone: we got 1 good trade

16:08:09 From GlenG to Everyone: Ingela smashed it

16:08:11 From DavidR to Everyone: the first one was great

16:08:16 From DavidR to Everyone: I don’t know what happened after

16:08:18 From MingY to Everyone: Very well :)

16:08:30 From MingY to Everyone: I did, thank you

16:09:05 From DanW to Everyone: Looks like moderating is slowing you down. But don’t worry, we’ll make it back at US Open when Fred will moderate and we could concentrate….

16:09:53 From MarkieB to Everyone: go dan

16:10:10 From GarethW to Everyone: Such an early wake up

16:10:16 From GarethW to Everyone: 330am

16:10:28 From MingY to Everyone: Mindblowing!

16:10:40 From KevinT to Everyone: Instead of picking one trade to stick to, don’t you need a couple of options depending on the market.
16:10:46 From DavidR to Everyone: Sounds awesome

16:11:02 From GarethW to Everyone: nice

16:11:11 From AnnikaD to Everyone: back an hour as in earlier?

16:13:13 From AnnikaD to Everyone: Ooo that works well for me with kids

16:13:20 From AnnikaD to Everyone: haha

16:13:23 From MatthewL to Everyone: more time for dinner

16:13:37 From MarkieB to Everyone: was that not freds old session before he moved

16:15:34 From KamalK to Everyone: Thanks Lacky. See you in Advance coaching.

16:16:32 From AnnikaD to Everyone: +20 NQ

16:16:32 From JohnM to Everyone: +4 es ecorpc

16:16:58 From DavidR to Everyone: did you hear Elon Musk suggested renaming twitter

16:16:59 From GarethW to Everyone: +10 NQ

16:17:01 From DavidR to Everyone: by removing the w

16:17:04 From MaurizioB to Everyone: +11 NQ

16:17:08 From DanW to Everyone: All good. I took it too darling :-)

16:17:11 From BruceG to Hosts and panelists: +16 MES

16:17:27 From JeffS to Everyone: +14 NQ

16:17:55 From KerryM to Everyone: +4 x 2 +1 mes ecorpc

16:18:49 From DanW to Everyone: Well done to all the sweethearts!!!!

16:19:33 From BruceG to Hosts and panelists: I managed to snare the earlier EFF CORPF on double fail at the 50 🙂 got it in the end

16:19:50 From ShamsiM to Everyone: sorry Lachy, how can I have access to tonite’s session?

16:19:51 From BruceG to Hosts and panelists: yip and went to S1 :-)

16:20:05 From BruceG to Hosts and panelists: sorry 50 of day

16:20:34 From ShamsiM to Everyone: ty

16:20:42 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: Lachy, is it 05:00 or 06:00 PM WA time, please?

16:20:50 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: The advanced coaching, I mean

16:21:12 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: Cool, thanks!

16:21:22 From MarkieB to Everyone: shamsi can you see the link in ltr and coaching tab in the website

16:21:38 From AndrewT to Everyone: does that include the TBS

16:22:05 From ShamsiM to Everyone: @markiB: Yes

16:22:57 From AnnikaD to Everyone: If NQ closes over YL, where would you aim your target to

16:26:24 From AnnikaD to Everyone: Wow ok that’s cool

16:27:42 From KerryM to Everyone: es is into 60m 50. Mest to wait for next candle?

16:30:35 From KerryM to Everyone: ok thanks

16:30:45 From Stephen CookC to Everyone: thanks lachy

16:31:07 From JohnM to Everyone: iis coaching in 30 mins?

16:31:11 From RodJ to Everyone: still in from 17:50 eff candle on mnq

16:31:18 From MarkW to Everyone: Thanks Lachy

16:31:30 From KerryM to Everyone: +4 x 2 +1 atm mes ecorpc

16:31:37 From GarethW to Everyone: =4 ES

16:31:46 From GarethW to Everyone: =4 ES

16:32:27 From KevinT to Everyone: Thank you lachy I’m heading to 8-10 Session

16:32:44 From AnnikaD to Everyone: cya!

16:32:48 From NickiK to Everyone: thanks Lachy – wonderful session