The FDAX produced 5 great trades in a row during the Euro Open 10 May 2022. The US markets basically fell asleep for the session, however Europe shined!

The EURO Open session Tuesday 10 May was a Euro centric session as the US markets were waiting for news. That said, we had a great session as per the chat log below.

Member comment of the day

The comment of the day goes to NathanE.

15:58:06 From MarkieB to Everyone: +6 +12 dax reversal @ 13580

This particular trade had 10 Points at risk, that being $400 AUD per contract traded. The result was a total of 18 Points (at $40.00 AUD per point) = $720.00 AUD.

The trade duration was under 7 minutes with a risk reduction to zero after only 3 minutes. The trade referred to is the most right-hand ‘SBC’ in the image below.

To Nathan’s credit, he is a very disciplined FDAX Trader with many hundreds of trades under his belt.

Well done Nathan on another great trade and another great session

Screenshot of the day

reversal trades 10 may 2022

5 Reversal Trades and 5 Potential Wins for the Advanced Traders in the Live Trading Room – 10 May 2022

Tuesday 12 April 2022 Member Chat Log

For the purpose of 100% complete transparency, both good and bad, here is the Member Posted Chat Log:

14:32:52 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: Good afternoon Lachy! Have an amazing session today!
14:34:06 From BrentT to Everyone: hi all.

14:36:53 From ShirleyH to Everyone:
Hi everyone

14:43:44 From IDTA Moderator to Everyone:
Hello all!

14:47:26 From RodJ to Everyone:
Afternoon All

14:47:53 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone:
Good afternoon / evening traders!

14:48:05 From AllanS to Everyone:
afternoon everyone

14:48:10 From DavidR to Everyone:
Hi all :)

14:48:43 From MartinV to Everyone:

14:49:26 From WouterW to Everyone:
Morning everyone

14:50:30 From MilanK to Everyone:
Hi everyone

14:50:53 From DavidR to Everyone:
now that we’ve reached the 100% 4h ext, I wonder if that means we’ll go short or not

14:51:14 From DavidR to Everyone:
on NQ & ES that is

14:52:49 From AndrewH to Everyone:
Hi All

14:54:24 From MaurizioB to Everyone:
Hi all

14:54:34 From Simona to Everyone:
aha, ok :)

14:55:30 From DavidR to Everyone:

14:56:25 From MarkW to Everyone:
Hello all

14:56:46 From WadeS to Everyone:
Hi Lachy & traders

14:56:59 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone:
Hello Wade!

14:57:33 From GregS to Everyone:
Hi Lachy Hi All

14:57:37 From WadeS to Everyone:
Hey Carlo

14:57:52 From AndrewF to Everyone:
Hey Lachy, traders!

14:59:26 From Jennifer R to Everyone:
hi everone happy trading

15:00:12 From MarkW to Everyone:
Hey Lachy

15:03:43 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone:
+10 +5 FDAX Sim Short

15:04:38 From BrentT to Everyone: +33 mnq

15:05:28 From RichardB to Everyone:
hi lachy and all

15:10:40 From JohnM to Everyone:
+4+8 es

15:10:41 From KerryM to Everyone:
mes ecorpc +4 x 2

15:10:53 From BruceG to Everyone:
+20 MES. I am done thanks Lachy.

15:11:50 From ScottP to Everyone:
+20 nq sim

15:12:01 From Jennifer R to Everyone: +40 x2 mnq

15:12:15 From SavvasK to Everyone:
+20 +40 MNQ sim

15:13:19 From AndrewH to Everyone:
+4 es off pp and 76 fib

15:13:29 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone: 2x +5 FDAX Long
– Rev off 1h 50%

15:13:39 From KevinT to Everyone:
First trade ever on MNQ sim + 24

15:14:15 From BruceG to Everyone:
Nice on KevinT

15:14:30 From BrentT to Everyone:
Kevin 💥

15:14:32 From DavidR to Everyone:
good work Kevin

15:16:07 From DavidR to Everyone:
FDXS +5 X3

15:16:42 From KerryM to Everyone:
mes sbr +4 x 2

15:17:30 From DarylB to Everyone:
hi Lauchy where do we find the weekly coaching ,is it in the ltr and coaching room

15:17:36 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone:
+20 +19 FDAX Sim Long – Rev off 50% of the day

15:18:12 From DavidR to Everyone:
great trade Carlo

15:18:47 From Manda P to Everyone:
yep, same page as where you access trading rooms

15:19:02 From DavidR to Everyone:
logon, go to LTR & Coaching

15:19:04 From DavidR to Everyone:
top right corner

15:19:12 From RodJ to Everyone:
Monday night coaching box

15:19:28 From KevinT to Everyone:
The coaching is under subscriptions

15:19:29 From Carlo MatteoP to Everyone:
Alright, done for the day. Lachy, thank you. I will se you later in the Advanced Coaching. Good evening/night traders! See you tomorrow!

15:19:39 From BruceG to Everyone:
+21 DFR pivot MES SIM

15:24:56 From DanW to Everyone:
Swing Trigger for large targets?

15:26:53 From RodJ to Everyone:
Thanks Lachy Targets Met Enjoy all

15:27:25 From GregS to Everyone:
+10×10 eft cl(oil)

15:27:53 From BrentT to Everyone:

15:28:56 From DavidR to Everyone:
I closed out ES earlier because I didn’t trust it

15:29:12 From DavidR to Everyone:
MES -3 X3

15:29:40 From DavidR to Everyone:
it wouldn’t go past TH
15:30:36 From DavidR to Everyone:
MES +3 X3
15:31:27 From DavidR to Everyone:
the fact ES and NQ have been going long for so long
15:31:32 From DavidR to Everyone:
I think that may be why it failed
15:34:58 From DavidR to Everyone:
MNQ +15 X2
15:35:47 From KevinT to Everyone:
Please explain move on nq.
15:36:12 From DavidR to Everyone:
Kevin NQ had been on a 4 hour long
15:36:24 From DavidR to Everyone:
looks like it’s taking a break from long
15:36:49 From KevinT to Everyone:
Thanks David, need to look at longer charts
15:38:08 From DavidR to Everyone:
Kevin, there’s some great videos on larger charts in the IDTA Library
15:38:18 From DavidR to Everyone:
but you can also do Platinum
15:41:08 From KevinT to Everyone:
Just completed accelerator and I don’t rush. Thank you so many good videos full of info.
15:41:10 From DavidR to Everyone:
I always miss Fridays, so quiet is good.
15:44:59 From DavidR to Everyone:
that certain parts of law enforcement and the courts push back
15:47:26 From BrentT to Everyone:
mnq +37
15:47:35 From BrentT to Everyone:
im out. thanks lachy
15:47:43 From MarkieB to Everyone:
wd bt
15:49:20 From DanW to Everyone:
15:49:23 From MarkieB to Everyone
: yes
15:49:35 From CraigC to Everyone:
15:52:32 From DanW to Everyone:
Yes he did. He got so many ticks that there was none left for us….
15:52:38 From DavidR to Everyone:
Lachy, did you see my WhatsApp about how to fix your color problem in word
15:53:06 From DavidR to Everyone:
the red highlighting
15:53:16 From TraianC to Everyone:
can you explain difference between SBR & SBC or is that for tonight
15:54:47 From KevinT to Everyone:
Thanks to mark IDTA had issues with ninja. Fixed! feel like I’m starting journey tonight.
15:55:24 From DavidR to Everyone:
15:55:44 From AndrewH to Everyone: +11 +21 nq
off pp
15:56:44 From DavidR to Everyone:
15:59:10 From AndrewH to Everyone:
thanks Lachy see you tomorrow
15:59:54 From DarylB to Everyone:
thanks lauchy up 215 t for the day mnq
16:00:48 From DarylB to Everyone:
16:00:50 From DanW to Everyone:
Yes. Touched but did not pay yet….
16:00:53 From MarkieB to Everyone:
wd db great stuff
16:01:13 From CraigC to Everyone:
I pulled up before
16:01:55 From KevinT to Everyone:
My 13 yr old just said I’d still be in no 2 buying candles I’d follow stop. I might as well give him my account.
16:02:23 From RichardB to Everyone:
nq is into 50 of micro trend isint it
16:04:15 From DavidR to Everyone:
look at nq on the 15m how it touched the pp
16:07:43 From KerryM to Everyone:
mes sbr +4 x 2
16:08:11 From MarkieB to Everyone:
+172 mnq 17.30 sbr 384.75
16:08:37 From ScottP to Everyone: +10 fdxm sim
(based on 15min chart)
16:09:12 From KevinT to Everyone:
I’m trying to make a one page overview of each trade type. Is this available on IDTA site.
16:09:21 From RogerW to Everyone:
+4 Es
16:10:20 From KevinT to Everyone:
Let me know that’s great. I’m a planner.
16:10:23 From AndrewF to Everyone:
+11 +1 x 4 NQ 15M SBR Long
16:10:28 From AndrewF to Everyone: +31

16:12:17 From AndrewT to Everyone:
16:12:22 From DavidR to Everyone:
I was too close to the cheeze
16:12:30 From DanW to Everyone:
a lot of risk….
16:12:31 From PhillipC to Everyone:
into mdi
16:12:42 From AndrewT to Everyone:
took it at 12358
16:13:01 From DavidR to Everyone:
I don’t know why I typed close…
16:13:04 From DanW to Everyone:
and into the micro 50
16:13:06 From DavidR to Everyone:
16:14:30 From MaurizioB to Everyone:
Thanks Lachie
16:14:36 From AndrewF to Everyone:
Thx Lachy – taking my ticks to the bank. Might be back online later with Jonny. Night all!
16:14:57 From KerryM to Everyone:
sbr on ES?
16:15:09 From AndrewF to Everyone:
Fair enough!
16:15:40 From MarkieB to Everyone:
is there any trading difference between sbr/sbc
16:16:07 From MarkieB to Everyone:
but results
16:19:44 From KevinT to Everyone:
Stupid risk I just have good lesson.
16:20:37 From WadeS to Everyone:
+20 x 3 MNQ
16:20:51 From KevinT to Everyone:
I’m sticking to mnq as when live that’s what I’ll be trading to start. Should I look over more markets?
16:22:56 From NathanE to Everyone:
+6 +12 dax reversal @ 13580
16:22:57 From WouterW to Everyone:
Lachy pls explain the trade you took
16:23:14 From WouterW to Everyone:
16:24:15 From PetrosM to Everyone:
Great day Lachy got the FDAX 5 tick trade too
16:24:21 From PetrosM to Everyone:
Good night
16:24:34 From PetrosM to Everyone:
Yes did 1st session today
16:24:40 From WouterW to Everyone:
My concern was it close over 76
16:25:10 From WouterW to Everyone:
1st eff candle
16:28:13 From AllanS to Everyone:
thks lachy
16:28:49 From MilanK to Everyone:
thanks Lachy
16:29:49 From CraigC to Everyone:
Thanks Lachy
16:29:59 From WadeS to Everyone:
Thanks Lachy
16:30:04 From VaughanC to Everyone:
wheres those volumes LACHY?
16:30:08 From RichardB to Everyone:
thank you lachy
16:30:27 From Stephen CookC to Everyone:
thanks lachy
16:31:27 From KevinT to Everyone:
Thanks lachy
16:31:57 From DavidR to Everyone:
take care