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Hub Leader Contract

PO Box 55 Mermaid Beach QLD 4218
Email: info@idta.com.au | Phone: (07) 5551 4050
ACN 165 005 550 | CAR Number 001250922

Thankyou for your commitment to being an IDTA Hub Leader. The most important factors in the relationship between IDTA and our hub leaders is clear communication, clarity and understanding of all our responsibilities, collaboration and co-operation. We ask our hub leaders to understand and agree to a code of conduct whilst representing IDTA in this ambassadorial role.

We ask that you read the terms and conditions that we expect of our hub leaders to operate under, and to ensure a high-quality standard of operation. If agreed to by all parties this agreement simply means we have formalized and declared our commitment to one another for an agreed upon period of time (normally 12 months). If you have been a hub leader for some time, you will agree nothing much has changed in terms of hub operations, however we have tightened a few areas for admin and compliance reasons. To assist your role as a hub leader we wish to streamline your experience with efficient systems and structure, and it is important we educate and train you in these operations.

There is no remuneration for being hub leader, however IDTA agrees to subsidize our hub leaders with the following IDTA services:
Hub Leader benefits:
 Live Trading Room Access
 Weekly Coaching Access (Every Monday Night after LTR)
Advanced Coaching Access (2 per month - 2nd and 4th Tuesday)
By signing this agreement, I, 
hereby agree to the following roles and responsibilities as an IDTA Trading Hub Leader:
IDTA Trading Hub Leader responsibilities include:
  1. To represent the IDTA Vision and Mission Statement during IDTA Trading Hub meetings and IDTA events.
  2. To cooperate in the creation and delivery of the IDTA Trading Hubs own unique Vision and Mission Statements.
  3. Lead by example and be congruent with the IDTA Trading Education and intellectual property. You must be trading the IDTA strategies live or in simulation on a regular basis, or supporting an IDTA trader in a capacity that makes you understand the IDTA trading systems and strategies.
  4. To follow the core roles and responsibilities as documented in the Trading Hub Operations Manual.
  5. Each Hub Leader independently is to submit a letter of participation to IDTA each year in December for the continuation of the leadership within the trading hub the following year.
  6. Each trading hub is to submit an Annual Hub Plan in January each year, which includes a 12 months schedule, outline of content and structure for each meeting.
    The plan to include:
    1. The roles and responsibilities of each hub leader
    2. Your ideas for improvement
    3. Your trading hub schedule of education topics for the year ahead (Choose from the Library of approved Education Videos only)
    4. Your trading hub vision and plan for the year ahead
  7. To cooperate in the coordination 1 x 90min - 2 hour hub meeting every 2 months, or monthly. This will depend on each Trading Hubs Schedule.
  8. To upload your monthly hub meeting reports to IDTA representatives using the recommended systems of the monthly Hub meetings with important details regarding the event as well an agenda. We ask that Minutes of the meeting are submitted to IDTA following the completion of the meeting each month, including the date, venue, names and number of attendees, speakers, topics, member feedback, and any required action items.
  9. Trading Hubs members cannot not be sold, or used for personal financial gain; and IDTA member’s personal data cannot be shared or sold.
  10. IDTA Trading Hub member cannot not be used to market other products or services unauthorised by IDTA.
  11. To communicate with Hub members informing them of upcoming IDTA events.
  12. To attend and promote IDTA hosted events in your local area.
  13. Try to attend where possible IDTA Annual Conference, coaching and training events to increase your skill as a trader.
  14. To commit to becoming the best day trader you can be.
  15. Know that any serious breach of these roles and responsibilities will result in a show cause meeting between the parties.
  16. To commit to 12 months of service as an IDTA Trading Hub Leader. If at any time you wish to terminate your role you agree to give IDTA representatives and your Hub Leadership Team 30 days notice in writing, and may assist in finding a replacement leader.
  17. To keep the integrity of our products and services in line with Industry standards and legislative requirements, IDTA members can only be coached by approved and accredited coaches of IDTA.  Under the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), rulings of ‘giving advice’, where Members are coaching other Members in exchange for remuneration, they may find themselves in a position of serious legal obligations.
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Cameron Buchanan: IDTA Co-Founder
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