By Kevin Justice, For Your Trading Edge Magazine

My Name is Kevin Justice. My intent is to be the World Champion for my age in standard duathlon (run, ride, run). To do this I need to be disciplined, train hard and have an income stream that allows me to travel, race and compete globally. I have been involved in many businesses, both the online and brick and mortar forms, and this one is the absolute stand out winner when it comes to offering me the freedom and flexibility I need to achieve my goals.

Recently I competed in the Tweed Enduro Sprint Triathlon. At 57, it was only my third triathlon ever. A podium finish in third place, and one of the fastest bike legs, not just for my own age group but of all age groups. This result has certainly incentivised me and given me the hunger to create the lifestyle I want. Moreover, it has solidified that I am really on my way to achieving my lifestyle, health and financial goals.

To achieve this, after a few years of playing in the markets with a lack of focus and discipline, I have recently become a serious futures trader, focused on the NASDAQ in the Euro Open Session. Online trading allows me to run a business that complements my lifestyle and my desire to be a completely global citizen. All I require is 60 minutes per day, my laptop, an internet connection, access to the markets and a great education to match.

Until I found day trading…

Until I found day trading, I feel that I have had a pretty ordinary, albeit very active life and upbringing; stay at home mum, working dad, older sister. My father passed away during my teens and my mum always did the best that she could with what she knew. I was always brought up with the mantra, get a good education and you’ll get a great job and be set for life. I finished my schooling, spent a year overseas as an exchange student and then spent three years of my life at university learning the theory behind Information Technology. My first job was for an accounting firm supporting their in-house software system before I spent, what seemed to be the obligatory, three years work and travel overseas in Europe. A great experience yes, though in hindsight still not really preparing me for the real world. I returned back to my home country and became a family man with the birth of my two kids. Around that time, I realised that I wasn’t moving forward in my life as I thought I should be living from month to month sometimes stretching finances to make ends meet, especially during the times of around 20% mortgage rates.

I struggled on, started working for myself thinking that this was the way to improve my life. After about five years of getting my businesses up and running successfully, I started learning about the Cashflow Quadrant and Robert Kiyosaki. I understood that I had bought myself a job and was spending so much more time working than when I was an employee, often with less reward. At this stage I was diagnosed with depression and treated accordingly. Reading many positive self-reinforcing books during treatment, I decided that there has to be a better way to living life rather than just existing. I started doing some personal reflection and was taught how money was a great slave, though not a very good master. So, I started looking at how I could get money to work for me.

This is when I came across Lachlan Elsworth, one of the founders and owners of International Day Trading Academy. I actually recall a conversation with Lachy quite early on where he was in the process of deciding whether to become a professional trader or if he wanted to teach people how to trade. I feel that there are a lot of people out there that have been through IDTA’s education process that are so happy Lachy chose the latter. The way that the education was delivered and the simplicity of the strategies that were being taught caught my attention quite early on. However, I was not in a financial position to progress with the education. More recently I realised that I had been shown this form of trading by another company over ten years ago and didn’t understand it one bit. With Lachy’s education I knew that I could do it and was very keen to get involved. Therefore, as soon as I was able to jump on-board, I did. The sense of community from the start was amazing, the support was incredible, and I put my hand up to co-facilitate IDTA’s Gold Coast membership trading hub.

At this time, I was also starting to realise that I needed to take more responsibility. I needed to look after me and not expect handouts from the system. I needed to be able to support myself and take control of the things that I could, look after myself first so that I can then be able to help others who are in need. Don’t try and control things that you have no control over and start responding to opportunities rather than reacting. I have learnt that we are all individuals; we have all had our own life experiences and due to those experiences, we can all have very different viewpoints of the same event. It is important to listen to and experience opportunities ourselves, rather than taking the opinions of others as gospel. I find this is so true especially with trading as most people’s experience of trading is that it is too risky. This is true, it can be risky and can be profitable too. So, when you learn how to manage your risk and learn profitable trading strategies it becomes educated risk taking and profit making.

Due to personal life changes with work and relationships I was finding it hard to remain focused and disciplined on my learning to trade. However, I found that I could be very focused and disciplined when it came to my physical fitness. I was still extremely active, competing in cycling and running events and more recently triathlons. I somehow needed to transition this discipline and focus to the other areas of my life. Also, it is important to make things you want to achieve a priority in your life. As I am still extremely active and competitive, I have my big goal of becoming a world champion, this means early morning cycling or running 5 or 6 days a week to keep myself in peak shape along with great nutrition to keep my body functioning optimally.

I have now made my learning to trade the futures market a priority as I can see that this is going to free up my days to allow me to train harder and longer when it is necessary. There is so much more of the world to see and this will enable me to travel the world, train wherever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want as long as I have an internet connection, my laptop, a great education and access to the markets. IDTA has provided the education, now it is up to me to perform. As the successful trader I plan to be, I can just imagine waking up in the French Alps, trading the futures market during the Euro Open session and then cycling through the Alps with my partner, family and friends. The best part of this is being able to produce a significant income without the need to report to a boss on a daily basis.

I am still in my early days of learning to trade the futures markets and feel very confident that this will be the way to have my money working for me. After being through IDTA’s 101 online course, adding to this the great award-winning futures trading platform that is NinjaTrader and the amazing support and comradery of the IDTA team and other traders who are on the same path, I have become focused and disciplined to succeed. I will be running this as a business spending 10-15 hours per week trading, with my spare time spent doing more of what I enjoy, transitioning to the better side of the Cashflow Quadrant and not having to trade my time for money.

I have been successfully trading the live NASDQ (NQ) market during the Euro Open session, even though due to the highly volatile markets more recently, for me to continue trading I have stepped back to the micro NQ which has also been very volatile at times. This has made me more aware of following my trading plan and staying within my risk profile management. I have a daily live trading target to reach and once achieved continue practicing and learning by switching to trading in simulation.

This online trading with IDTA is the platform that I have chosen to expand my life globally and I am so excited about my future as a semi-professional cyclist and global online trader! I also have the added bonus of sharing the journey with other like-minded family and friends who want the same lifestyle and have taken advantage of the opportunity to learn to trade and joined me and my community.

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