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Recession-proof Investing

Is it Possible to Invest in a Recession?

  • Take Advantage of Falling Prices
    Day Traders are able to “short the market” this means ‘sell high, buy low’
  • Maintain the Ability to Find Trades as Price Rises
    Day Traders are also able to “go long” looking to ‘buy low, sell high’
  • Find Opportunities in a Sideways Market
    Even when the market ius sideways there can be opportunities in smaller fluctations

Secondary Source of Income

Are You Seeking a Secondary Source of Income?

  • A Secondary Income With Potential to Compound
    If you can be consistantly profitable as a trader, you can increase trade sizes as you grow
  • Achievable From The Comfort of Home
    Trade from home with a computer, trading platform, account, and an internet connection
  • Very Liquid Markets Funds Aren’t Tied Up Long
    Unlike some sources of income paid at specific intervals, your funds are quite accessible

More Flexible Lifestyle

What the Day Trader’s Lifestyle Can Provide

  • The Ability to Work Fewer Hours
    Day Traders seek to work a 10 hour week, about 1 to 2 hours per day
  • The Flexibility of When to Work
    The Futures markets are open 23 hours per day with periods of high volume
  • Work From Almost Anywhere
    All you need is a computer, trading platform, and an internet connection
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