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Why You’re Struggling With Profitability in Your Trading

🎓Most traders fail because they’re not fully educated

🔍 They don’t have a method of identifying good trades, and bad ones

🤝 They don’t have ongoing support along their trading journey

A Message to Those Seeking Profitability

First of all, if you’re not as profitable as you’d like to be, don’t beat yourself up.

Most traders actually fail within the first 12 months of trading.

Not because of mental ability, or technical skill. They fail because they haven’t approached trading seriously, and without the necessary tools.

We’ll show you what it is you need to know, and we’ll provide tips that can help you on your journey to becoming a more profitable trader.

We’ll even show you some of our own professional trading strategy that you can apply to your own trading.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you might not be as profitable as you want
  • How the market you trade may be working against you
  • A simpler way to find trading opportunities
  • Technical analysis and Trading risk techniques
  • Some of our actual Pro-trading Strategy

Your hosts for the webinar:

cameron buchanan webinar host

Cameron Buchanan
Co-Founder & Trading Educator
Trading mentor, Coach, and Professional Trader. Cam is an expert in the economic cycles of Trading and Investment.

Lachlan Elsworth Webinar Host

Lachlan Elsworth
Co-Founder & Lead Trading Educator
Lead Educator, Trading coach, LTR Moderator, and a major contributor for YTE magazine, also university guest lecturer.


Why your trading’s not profitable

The reason why your trading isn’t profitable might not be you.
We’ll help you understand what’s holding you back, and how you can avoid these things.

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Recession-proof Investing

Is it Possible to Invest in a Recession?

  • Take Advantage of Falling Prices
    Day Traders are able to “short the market” this means ‘sell high, buy low’
  • Maintain the Ability to Find Trades as Price Rises
    Day Traders are also able to “go long” looking to ‘buy low, sell high’
  • Find Opportunities in a Sideways Market
    Even when the market ius sideways there can be opportunities in smaller fluctations

Secondary Source of Income

Are You Seeking a Secondary Source of Income?

  • A Secondary Income With Potential to Compound
    If you can be consistantly profitable as a trader, you can increase trade sizes as you grow
  • Achievable From The Comfort of Home
    Trade from home with a computer, trading platform, account, and an internet connection
  • Very Liquid Markets Funds Aren’t Tied Up Long
    Unlike some sources of income paid at specific intervals, your funds are quite accessible

More Flexible Lifestyle

What the Day Trader’s Lifestyle Can Provide

  • The Ability to Work Fewer Hours
    Day Traders seek to work a 10 hour week, about 1 to 2 hours per day
  • The Flexibility of When to Work
    The Futures markets are open 23 hours per day with periods of high volume
  • Work From Almost Anywhere
    All you need is a computer, trading platform, and an internet connection

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Are you Informed or Educated?
  • Has Your Knowledge Come From Youtube?
    Day Trading is not something you can learn from a few quick videos!
  • Is Your Strategy Built Off Various Random Sources?
    Not all strategies work together, or for the same markets or conditions
  • Do You Chase ‘Hot Stock Tips’?
    People telling you what the next golden goose is? this is not trading, it’s pure FOMO
Are You Giving Yourself The Best Chance?
  • Do You Know When You’re Exiting Before Entering a Trade?
    If you enter a trade without a game plan, more often than not you’ll lose
  • Do Your Trades Have Balanced Risk?
    If you are risking more money than you stand to make each trade, it will be hard to be profitable
  • Do You Manage Your Open Trades?
    As the market changes, it’s important to mitigate potential risk where possible
Not All Markets Are Created Equal
  • Your Own Broker Might Be Working Against You!
    You might not know this, but OTC brokers have more control than you’d like
  • There May Not Be A Level Playing Field
    OTC Markets are prone to manipulation, and not all traders are treated equal
  • Do You Get True Price?
    Unless you trade the markets that we do, your broker decides what the price is, not the market

How to seek Profitable Trades
in Under 90 Minutes Per Day

Register now for the Free online web class. Learn how professional traders get their trading edge.

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Why Learn With us?

Why do so many people choose to learn how to trade with the International Day Trading Academy?
It’s simple, we offer a level of support that other educators just don’t.

live trading room and indicators

We pride ourselves on providing immense support to our members. Trading is a journey, to be successful, it helps to have guidance along the way. We call it “trading better together”.

We provide the kind of quality education that allows traders to seek greatness, and a professional way of trading.

We hold 2 support webinars per month, as well as goal setting, and trader mindset sessions

We also provide 3 x 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help guide members as they begin their trading.

All that, and an extremely supportive trading community.

How do traders know what is a good trade and what isn’t? It’s true, you need to understand how to go about finding good trades.

If you’re someone who is unsure of how to find the trades that have higher probability, this is what you’re missing.

We have custom built trading indicators based on our exact trading strategy. This is to provide a simple visual representation of market indicators. Increasing your ability to find good trades.

We are one of the very few trading educators in the world, and especially within Australia, that provide a live trading room.

Our Live Trading Room allows members to follow a moderator and professional trader as they identify high-probability trades.

This allows you to practice placing trades (on a simulated account at first) based on the strategy you are learning.

How to Seek for Profitable Trades
in Under 90 Minutes Per Day

Register now for the Free online web class. Learn how professional traders get their trading edge.

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Why Up Your Trading Game?

If you can become consistently profitable in your trading, you open your world to an extremely flexible lifestyle.
The Trader’s lifestyle offers flexibility of when, where, how you work.


A Genuine Investment Opportunity

An investment where you control all the decisions


Create More Free Time For Yourself

A potential income stream that takes around 10 hours a week


Opportunity For a Secondary Income

A potential source of income that can be done on the side

A Mobile Business With No Staff or Inventory

All you need is a computer, trading platform, and internet

free time

Create More Family and Friends Time

Free up your time to do the things you’d rather be doing

Find a Less Physical Way of Working

A way of working that you can do comfortably sitting down

smart money

Lower Startup Costs Than Small Business

Very limited hardware, software, other startup costs

Flexible Working Hours to Match Your Lifestyle

Find a market session that fits around your current lifestyle

How to seek Profitable Trades
in Under 90 Minutes Per Day

Register now for the Free online web class. Learn how professional traders get their trading edge.

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meet nicki

Nicki’s Favourite Trade:
70 Ticks ($875) paid in under 10 minutes

(2 Contracts on ES, placed on a simulation account)

Meet Nicki

Before learning how to trade with IDTA, Nicki served as a police officer for 12years, before taking on the duties of full-time mum.

How has trading affected your lifestyle?

I’ve been able to slow down and enjoy a more relaxed pace; at the time that I got serious about trading, I was a single mum with two teenagers, and I was full-time carer for my elderly dad (who lived with us), and I was running a small business, and I was renovating a house; so time to myself was non-existent; nowadays, I can take as much time as I like for the things that I enjoy.

If someone is curious about trading the IDTA way, I say give it a go – I’ve been so impressed with the world-class trading education and support; learn at your own pace, it’s all online for us to access 24/7; the website is bursting with ‘time in the charts’ tutorials, and is constantly being updated.

😍 What our Members say

Jonny S (Bali) – 2019

Carmel D (QLD) – 2019

Greg S (NSW) – 2019

“After previous experience with other companies, and being a member of IDTA since its beginning we have found that IDTA is the real deal providing you with education, support and so much more. We have found the LTR very helpful for education whilst providing the trading opportunities.”

Fred N
WA, 2021

“After 2-3 years of trying various trading courses and communities, I have found the one with Trading teachers who practice what they preach and genuinely want you to succeed.”

Dion W
NZ, 2021

“I seldom give a testimonial, but IDTA is a rare gem. I love the supportive community and coaches. Trading can be lonely, but need not be with IDTA. There is always someone who is willing to help.”

Stephanie L
Malaysia, 2021

“The most comprehensive course which is totally focused on the growth of the participant with exceptional support.”

John H
QLD, 2021

“I said it and I will say it again Knowing you is a great gain, I am lucky to be with you guys and with whole IDTA academy”

Amed A
NSW, 2021

“I have attended many trading courses, and I find IDTA gives me the best solution to provide me with an alternative income!”

Azura A
Malaysia, 2021

How to seek Profitable Trades
in Under 90 Minutes Per Day

Register now for the Free online web class. Learn how professional traders get their trading edge.

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Meet Nicki

How to Seek for Profitable Trades
in Under 90 Minutes Per Day

Register now for the Free online web class. Learn how professional traders get their trading edge.

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