My name is TJ Hendy (Trevor Jack), I have grown up with a fortunate and blessed lifestyle, thanks to my family. I am currently a professional athlete in the Kelloggs Nutrigrain Ironman Series and ranked among the top 5 ironmen in the world. I have a couple of professional wins, an Australian and World Title under my belt, and I plan to improve my ranking.

I am 25 years old and my professional sporting career offers me a 10-year window, tops, to set myself up financially. So, I’m planning for my future and have fallen in love with trading futures!

Lifestyle, what does it look like now?

My life right now consists of training three times a day – Monday to Friday and one session early on a Saturday, if we are not racing that weekend. I am up at 4 AM each morning to head to the swimming pool to swim 4-7km depending on the time of year. I then head to the gym for a strength work out or go to the track to run. Once I have finished these two sessions, it’s time to fuel my body. My refuelling consists of a healthy diet and lots and lots of it! I also need to service my body so each day when I have completed these sessions, I head to recovery pools (ice baths) or I go for a massage, visit my chiropractor or physio. All of this is said and done by 10am.


This requires an enormous amount of discipline; however, my athletic lifestyle leaves me with an awesome amount of time for me. Time to surf, time to go to the movies, catch up with mates, or take my girlfriend out for lunch. Basically, I can do whatever I choose until 4 PM – when I head to training for an hour on the board and ski in the ocean. Not bad I say… I love my day to day life and on top of that I get to travel around the world racing and get to see all the best beaches in Australia.

The Future

Here is my problem, one day, in the not too distant future, that will all be gone. And people are telling me I need to plan for that. Will I work a fulltime job? I really don’t think that with the experiences I have had and lifestyle I am leading right now, that I could work 9-5 and not go insane.

With every problem there is always a solution though. I decided not to give in and committed to living my dream no matter what. I found a way to do just that recently and boy oh boy am I excited. I am now studying day trading in the futures market. Something I never thought would interest me so much. Time on a computer? I’d usually say no thanks. Never say never though, now I’m investing one to two hours a day studying and in simulation trading with awesome platforms and teaching (NinjaTrader 7 and my courses with the International Day Trading Academy), both are amazing and are giving me hope for a future with no restrictions. Owning houses, travelling the world and one day giving my children the life that they deserve.

My Life As A Trader

Right now, my study is mostly in simulation alongside coaching and mentorship with a team of professional traders, moderators, educators and a live trading room helping through this process. Getting me ready to go live. After an awesome introduction to trading 101 course (an online Learn to Trade course), a weekend with about 20 other traders learning the ins and out through the next level IDTA’s Accelerator Program, I feel renewed when I hear the word ‘study’. I started with $5000 US in simulation in December, I now have $12,000 in that account and want to get it to $30,000 before I leave simulation and go live. I also will do more courses in the future and continue learning. For now, I want to be the best I can be at the basics. The idea of compounding my earnings and sticking to a process that is laid out for me during the course and following my own plan and algorithm, staying consistent and not cutting corners or getting lost in the losses or wins with ego and fear, it excites me as it requires the same kind of discipline I apply to my sport, and I already know and trust I have those skills.

Being My Own Boss

My sport offers me time and lifestyle freedom and flexibility. I want the same in my professional life after sport. I just can’t see a 9-5 job offering me that. I plan on trading the Asian open in the Nasdaq market, this for me is 10-12 in the morning so I am back from training and have time up my sleeve. In hopes that in 10 years’ time at the ripe age of 34 when my retirement as a professional athlete is looming, I intend to still have this time to trade after getting up for a surf and dropping my kids to school. To travel and trade wherever I am in the world. No boss, no expectations just my laptop and a WIFI connection. Living the dream and life on my own terms. Sounds pretty good, hey?

The Discipline

In my athletic life I have set out to achieve some big goals, some I have achieved and some I am very close to achieving. I see so many similarities between trading and the ironman racing that I do. Set your goals, aim big, come up with a plan, stick to the plan during the best and worst times. When you feel like you are killing it, contain your emotions and look for consistency. When you are down in the dumps, have a rest and reset, whether it’s a day or a week off. When you achieve a goal, enjoy that moment, treat yourself and see if there is motivation to go bigger to do better.

I remember an example of this in my sport. I was 21, I came last in my first professional race and decided that I was going to win a race the next season. I planned what I needed to do and stuck to it. Commit to all my training sessions for 4 months, no sleeping in! Eat only the best food for my body and fuel it like a Ferrari. I showed up to the first race prepared physically and mentally. I was fit and confident in myself. I stood on the line breathing in the positive thoughts and out the negative. I thought to myself, I want to win this and told myself to win I needed to focus on the process and my plan. The race started, and things went wrong, waves tried to take me out, yet I stuck to my plan. I finished with an awesome victory, winning my first race I was on top of the world. Everything I had done, every sacrifice I had made was worthwhile.

I am a big believer that if you arrive at the start line fully prepared, with the right strategy, it is 80% mindset on the day. The same applies for me in trading. I must make sure I am in the zone, fully prepared before I start trading, with discipline, focus and clear goals to assure my success.

In my experience, as an elite athlete, we must set ourselves up for success with an incredible community offering great coaching and mentorship, a proven strategy, and ultimately the right mindset! It all starts and finishes with our minds. My coaches and mentors, the people that are on my team are instrumental in achieving my success. My ironman coach Zayne Hamill, the International Day Trading Academy mentors and team play a crucial role in my development.

I want to be a millionaire within 16 months, a big hairy audacious goal I know. But I am not scared of aiming big. I do it every day as an athlete. It comes with a peak performance mindset. When I set that goal, it was December and 18 months. I feel I am truly on the way. I may as well try while I can, let’s see how it goes.

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